Wednesday 16 October 2013

[Music Video] India Arie Spreads Good Vibes with "Just Do You"

Feeling low? Then let Neo Soul singer India Arie lift your spirits with new single, Just Do You. This song is the second to be taken from her fifth studio album, Songversation and it's packed full of the positive energy that India has become synonymous with [hear Brown Skin, Little Things, Video].

Having been bombarded with so much overt sexuality from our Divas of late, it's nice to be given a chance to catch my breath and be reminded that there are others out there bucking this trend- we just need to look away from the mainstream to find them. Thankfully India is close enough to popular culture that her message stands a good chance of reaching those who really need it.




  1. This is the creamiest voice ever...

  2. I mean it's not the most original concept but it's definitely the musical equivalent of a cool drink of juice on a hot summer day. And the raw, organic sound doesn't do any harm either. Love India.