Monday 21 October 2013

[New Music] Lady Gaga Feat R.Kelly- "Do What U Want"

Lady Gaga/Artpop time. A second song-Do What U Want- has been officially released from the November-due album ,and features Rnb heavyweight R.Kelly on guest vocals.

The song, despite R.Kelly, doesn't really sound particularly geared towards the urban market. Instead, Gaga has brought the Trapped in The Closet singer into her world by keeping the production a warm electro-pop one. It works well, as the two effortlessly and harmoniously groove over the pulsating synths despite their differing deliveries. Overall, it's a change of pace for Gaga, which is refreshing to hear after successive, high-energy singles.

Take a listen to Do What u want, and let me know what you think in the comments! Is this going to be the song that manages to shifts focus away from currently reigning Divas, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, and back onto Gaga? Not that she cares about chart success, apparently....



  1. IMO It's an absolutely generic tune in a generic treatment with a blindingly mind numbingly meaningless unimaginative lyric.

  2. And the answer therefor to the question posed...I don't think it will. Not even if she uses a picture of her butt as a cover. Nice try Gaga but in today's America a tongue beats a butt.

  3. I was expecting something more daring, outrageous, filthy and shocking, she's been so generic. In 0:40 the "do what you want, do what you want" gave me a little Michael Jackson feeling, but it is still a pop crap. However I just loved the vocals.

  4. I'm underwhelmed. That's all I have to say. Applause has grown on me a little, but not enough for me to actually want to download it before ARTPOP comes out. Aura was initial fun but now it gets a lukewarm reaction from me. Do What You Want just makes me bored completely, any boring R&B/ElectroPop song. At least I felt excited for Born This Way because Judas and Edge of Glory was kinda fresh and fun to listen to, no song from this era has been thoroughly enjoyable to me, with the exception of I Wanna Be With You (which apparently isn't even on the album?) and MANiCure performed at the iTunes Festival. I think Gaga's trying to hard to be cryptic and for everyone to think she's this artistic genius when in return she's just alienating. I was more excited for Katy Perry's Prism than I am for ARTPOP. Katy. Perry's. Prism.

  5. I Wanna Be With You has been rewritten as "Dope" it's pretty much still there, just different title...Surprisingly those two that you mentioned are my least hyped tracks (but I think that's a 'to each his own' situation). I personally loved the electro-R&B sound from Do What You Want. The way the intro was sampled (which typically, I'm not a fan of sampling), was done seamlessly, and it just adds so much to the track.

  6. All pop music has become homogenized filler - it literally ALL sounds the same. That said, at least the vocals here are on point. And, unlike Katy, Gaga will most likely be able to recreate them outside of the magic studio thingie...

  7. No it doesn't. Miley's album sounds immensely fresh compared to Gaga's latest effort. Not even mentioning the work of several other pop artists.
    But you are correct that there's not much more than on point vocals to differentiate between Gaga and Perry.
    I just saw that Perry performance and had to run to youtube to quickly hear a real singer and cleanse my ears..

  8. Maybe it's because the new experimental sounds just haven't warmed up to me. And I'm sticking with those two more marketable/radio-friendly songs. But the new songs aren't drawing any excitement or emotion from me. But I'm hoping that the full length album will be an experience that draws me to like the album more.

  9. I am quite afflicted. I like the vocal delivery, and the instrumentation but the lyric are shit. But its a sex song, and sex songs give me life! I'm just gonna love it one minute than hate it the next, like I do the vast majority of pop songs... Gaga do better please. And why would you sing a song with has been R. Kelly.... I seriously hate that man....

  10. It's not a sex song, it's Gaga doing that thing where she hides the message behind sleek metaphors that imply sex.

    The song is about how the media doesn't care about what's in her heart (you can't have my heart), nor do they care about her intentions behind her work (you won't use my mind), they just want to use her body for their own personal gain (do what you want with my body). It's Gaga acknowledging that the negative press does affect her (then you print some shit that makes me want to scream) but she can't change what people say and isn't going to apologize for doing what she loves (if you're wonderin', know I'm not sorry).

  11. Not surprised to see the same people who hate on everything she does not like this song. Everywhere I go, however, people seem to love it and the song went #1 in the US faster than any song this year. I think she's got a winner on her hands.

  12. Oh its not a sex song... Sorry don't like it any more...

  13. Of course that is not surprising, she didn't do anything different.

  14. did you not hear those vocals
    say what you will but those vocals slay anything in the billboard top ten right now

  15. yes the lyrics are mediocre - even though most of you dont know what she's using "do what u want with my body" for - however the vocals are fucking epic
    plus R.Kelly is a good addition

    plus this isnt even a single - just an early promo song

    the song is a commentary about the media not necessarily an explicit song about sex

  16. bangerz is a great album but its not anything fresh
    its all been done before

    and how can you compare bangerz to ArtPop when the latter hasn't even been released???

    whats so original about "we can't stop" or "FU"
    not to mention she had to call in just about every big rapper to get people to listen her songs

    i love miley but how can you defend her when you call gaga a fame whore just out to get attention - but when its miley doing the same thing, its totally fine

  17. ROFL Way to set the standard. Unfortunately for you..the Billboard top ten is not what I judge vocals on. But if you do, that explains why you think she highly of those just set a very very very low standard.

  18. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan22 October 2013 at 06:36

    Muuuuch better than Applause. Love it.

  19. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan22 October 2013 at 06:37


  20. hahahah miley's songs indicate she cares for music???? what the fuck
    because every song on bangerz is totally deep and meaningful right???
    we cant stop is just such an inspirational and refreshing song that totally doesnt talk about doing lines of cocaine and popping mollies

    and im sorry but R.Kelly is NOT a rapper so try again he falls under the category of R&B

    and no the album has not been officially released, many songs were switched out and either rewritten or remastered - so we dont know exactly how this album will pan out

    and pretty sure her previous album born this way covered a lot more subject matter than bangerz did

    and what exactly is wrong about writing songs about the media???
    applause is about how she lives for making her fans happy
    DWUW is about how she remains resilient even though the media and her critics constantly insult and try to knock her down

    manicure - nope doesnt deal with being a victim or fame
    swine, sex dreams, aura, manicure, jewels and drugs ??? nope none about being a victim or fame

    what is wrong with writing about your struggles - isnt wrecking ball about liam hemsworth??? her struggle with a long time love that ended so abruptly???

    and you obviously havent watched any gaga interviews where she talks about her musical inspirations - there are a ton of them out there and i am very confident that gaga is much more knowledgeable when it comes to music history - just based on watching her talk about her inspirations compared to how miley talks about it

    and ya that vma performance was totally an attention getter to promote her insanely deep song we cant stop

    i cant even ... at you acting like gaga is just in it for attention and miley "cares about the music" lmfao
    have you not seen her behavior the past 5 months or so all of it is just a rebellion against her hannah montana days - she doesnt fucking care about the music anymore than gaga does

    im not the delusional one here

  21. I love this song. I could do without the R. Kelly verses. I think his voice is amazing, but his verse cheapens the song a bit. His verse are very referential to the typical club song about sex and popping bottles. The verses that Gaga sings are a bit more ambiguous. Those verse allow you to interpret "Do what you want with my body" as an invitation to use her as a pop icon, an object, because we will never own her mind.