Wednesday 6 November 2013

[Watch] Christina Aguilera Stuns With Performance Of "Say Something" @ The Voice (US)

Title says it all really. Just watch and be mesmerised as one half of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera put on a beautiful performance of  Say Something, live on The Voice (USA).



  1. I was actually surprised at her self control for once. I had expected her to throw out the somber style at the belted part and just scream, but she actually showed some restraint. Sounded great and Cant wait to hear more from her. :)

  2. Overall, nice. I was so surprised that she could touch the 5th octave without strain. Sounded like B4/C5 to me. Her legato was a bit off at certain points which is basically the most important aspect of actual singing next to breath support. She has to smooth out that vocal pressure a bit...and relax. I can tell she was a bit weary with this approach and I applaud her for tackling it without really messing up. If she has more outputs like this, I might dive into her future content.

  3. She did well. I didn't feel any emotion though. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time she was singing hoping "don't fuck up, don't fuck up, don't fuck up. and she didn't. Hats off to her! This is all I wanted from her for so long.

  4. The main reason she's singing like this is because someone else wrote this song, and someone else is most likely directing her on how to sing on this song, which isn't a problem at all. I just hope she can intake some of the influences that A Great Big World has left with her, and apply that to her future music. Because this is a fantastic song, and it'd be wise for her to ignore the positive reaction from it (and the fact that her throat isn't sandpaper by the end of the performance.)

  5. I still can't get a good picture of how much stamina she has. She doesn't need to do any high belting to impress me either. As long as she can make a gorgeous note on any passage and deliver in a way I find emotive while maintaining vocal health, I'll be satisfied. In fact, that was another issue I had with Christina. Singing isn't about the big notes. Its about the prettiest passage and the appropriate type of singing for it.

  6. So she sang a very simple song decently, brava?
    Why are people acting like she went on stage and performed D'amore al dolce impero.

    There was some tension around the 3 minute mark that was noticeable. There were also clear issues with phrasing, and the usual intonation issues.

    Oh wait, I forgot my standards are too high because I expect a singer to be in tune and not strain (as a result of poor technique, not by stylistic choice).

    It doesn't help that this song could double as a sleep aid.

  7. Oh god, this is not opera nor is she trying to sing opera! This song just peaked number 2 almost at 1 in a matter of days, so obviously non biased people are buying the music for what they felt for it.

    How are you going to criticize a pop singer who has a career when you don't even have one in pop or opera???

    You're threading on the line of being a hater not a critic... very thin line...

  8. IDG your ideology. There are tons of pop singers who don't strain....Some people get their boodussy all twisted over their favs.... I personally don't give a damn who talks shit about my favs. It won't hammper my feelings.

  9. I'm so used to the xtina who belts. does runs, and screams... I dunno if she would have been as big if she sang with restrain in her career, but at least she can show to people who just want to bash her that she can do almost any genre and can retrain....

    She does better with her own songs tho commercial success or not... although she did good, this was not HER, Now i can see her real passion for her way of singing and style and can appreciate that she writes and sings for art not success or charts.

  10. Did I say she tried to sing opera? No. I'm going to need you to go and take an English course and work on your comprehension skills and learn literary devices, darling. I will break this down for you, because this obviously went over your head and you seem a bit too daft to get it on your own. I brought up that particular piece (one of the hardest pieces in opera), because people are acting like she sang something so difficult when she sang possibly one of the most simple pieces I have ever heard. A B- effort at trying to sing in a minimalist manner.

    I can criticize her vocals as much as I want, I have taken several classes on music theory, vocal pedagogy, and a plethora of other courses. I know what I'm talking about, and I'm using my freedom of speech to exercise said knowledge. Have a seat. I am perfectly able to criticize her and any other singer I see fit, I have the credentials and the knowledge to back up what I'm saying.

    Also I don't care what "non-biased" people are buying. Non biased people are also buying that song "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)".

  11. I second that!

    Amazed I should be amazed by this.

    Maybe that is because I actually do not hate Christina and know she has shown some wonderful performances? Something a lot of her haters here seem to perpetually be unable to retain in their memories.
    But this is just extremely basic singing.

    And though I too expect of any professional singer the basic abilities to be in tune and to not need to strain while doing basic singing, I don't even hold standards as high as the best or most difficult opera singing. I am quite happy to compare pop singers to the great pop singers. Hell, even compared to great singing by Christina herself...why this would qualify as "amazing" baffles me.

  12. I actually agree that this was just a decent performance, clearly not perfect but still, an improvement compared to almost all her live performances in recent years. Christina's voice is damaged and her technique is clearly not helping the situation and taking that in consideration, this was one of her better performances.

    on a more personal note: you have every right to state your opinion and every right to defend it, but the way that you defended it wasn't necessary. some users will have a problem with honest critique, but instead of lashing out and listing whatever credentials that you have, try simply explaining why you stated your opinion and clarify the confusion that happened.

    Just because one person's response was rude doesn't mean that ours has to be as well.
    Have a great day and god bless.

  13. Well, I very much enjoyed macabre's retort. I thought it was nicely written and quite clearly explained exactly why and how he shaped the opinions he expressed.
    Have a great day and Elf bless

  14. Decent performance. As stated earlier by many of you, the performance was't perfect and clearly, there were some phrasing problems. What is so astounding is her control over her head and falsetto register lacks the breath-taking control and phrasing skills that I was looking for... other than that I would the performance averaged a B.

  15. its a good performance but honestly it doesnt sound anything like what shes sounded like for the majority of her career
    anyways she showed restraint so i applaud her

  16. You're standards may not be others, or the standard of this singer... Since when has an opera singer sang a xtina song and executed it as good as her? Sometimes sweetie there is more to technical in music, because music has no standard, specially when you compare opera to pop, You only have you're biased standards...not others, and if people want to applaud her then that is because they feel something you don't because you are blinded by you're technicalities... comparing opera to pop is comparing violin to a flute, doe snot make sense!

    And you have taken all these classes yet you are still an unknown vocal student, and still not a professional. TAKING A FEW CLASSES DOES NOT MAKE YOU ALL KNOWING. So get you're life! Because no know vocal path will ever insert any categorization or standard in pop to opera or vise, its controversial and unethical...

    I say non biased because for the first time in how many years has her single gone up to number 1, so obviously people will buy something they want to listen to and not particularly the singer, she has had many songs better than this in the last few years that has not even charted. So maybe you need to take that english class yourself...

  17. Wait? so because I happen to find some singers like Xtina, Tina, Janis, Etta and Nina beautiful singers and look over their flaw and imperfect skills actually quite unique and beautiful And have unbiased opinion, I am a a stan? That theory goes off the window because my fave has always been and will always be Mariah Carey (technical singer), so try again!

    He has commented on all her vid and the comments are the same, it's like we get it you don't like her, making it known in every freaking page, every video, just screams HATER!

    This community is small so i'm sure we all have read his/her hatred/dislike towards her at one point or another. Why do I care about technical flaws when it comes to pop music? Why does everyone have to be technically able to do what he thinks they should? Thats boring, he is boring, and his life is boring and thats why he has a lot of time to troll xtina vids...


  18. LOL i love xtina but MEH...... DD you were quite exaggerating but i guess i couldn't blame you since we're so used to her banging our ears..

  19. Oh, gawd stop insinuating that I called you a Stan. People talk all kinds of shit about Jasmine Sullivan and I don't give a care. There good for you that you can look past their vocal flaws but seriously, at what cost though...their vocal health? It doesn't really change the fact that Christina is damaged vocally because of her habits whether they are artistically decided or not..... If you don't like his damn opinion swallow the hard pressed bulge in your neck and move on. I don't come to the defense of Beyonce when people down her, even if they are flat out wrong.

    As far as the pop music situation, as long as they are on stage and people pay to see them, you should care about the technicality behind their singing. And what is up with you and your insinuating? Gawd..... The more I read of you, the more it comes off as you can't handle critique.....

  20. LOL I don't think it was even understood what the criticism was Falco. Or any point brought forth for that matter.

  21. No you are not "pointing out facts".

  22. Its like Nicolet is in a blind flury of emotions when she's stating stuff here. And I hope she realizes all of what she said was utterly subjective at best. And that "why does everyone have to be technically able to do what he thinks they should" part really makes me question her process of thought. The technical stuff that Macabre was referring to was benignly basic. Knowing how to phrase, singing without vocal tension on simple lyrical passages, and a fluid legato are things so commonly overlooked by anyone who sings that when someone messes that up it is hard to notice. But the fact that it is coming off as her boosting this performance as some soprano tessitura gold, when in fact its utetly basic, is just saddening. I could see if Christina had vocal tension on a E5 or a F5 belt but not an A4. Then maybe Nicolet's logic could be a bit more justifiable. The fact that Christina stumbled on such a simplistic passage is all the proof that Nicolet should take a seat, calm down, and revaluate her previous judgements.

  23. You lost me on the technical specifics there Falco but imo much of what Nicolet said is either beside the point or gibberish.
    She still doesn't get how Macabre meant that opera reference and indeed, like you said, that he was actually talking about basic technical ability. That this basic ability is what he expects of any singer.
    Nor that he was being sarcastic about those who claim that means, if you hold such a simple basic standard, this constitutes "being biased".
    It of course doesn't mean you are "biased" in anybody's mind but indeed the minds of stans.

    And also, what a ridiculous argument to claim that having basic standards constitutes "bias" but actually forking over money for a single constitutes proof you are "unbiased". The logic in that statement is just completely lacking. If anything actually buying something demonstrates a favorable bias.

  24. Yes, I agree. I'm just gonna sit back and watch this because I'm at a loss for words. Not to call her stupid, but how she's going about this is rather....fascinating to say politely and I just wanna see how she will carry herself as it gets more heated.

  25. Well, I have already been in a discussion with her so ya know, can make a far guess. ;-)

  26. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan7 November 2013 at 23:14

    Wahahaha oh some people. :*

  27. I thought it was beautiful and lyrics are so hard hitting to my core. Christinas vocals were beautiful and so....... peaceful. Everyone needs to calm down about the opera vs pop thing because music is subjective. #lettherebelove

  28. No, I was just laughing, I found that bit quite funny :)

  29. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 November 2013 at 11:13

    And you are a blind, deluded worshiper, so....

    1. Primo I understand that Christina obviously has horrible technique but don't call me blind and deluded. The only thing I worship is god I don't bow down to humans or idols thank you very much. I like to listen to other types of music and I don't spend my time hearing Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' album on repeat. Her performance this time around was measured and like I said it struck a cord with me emotionally.

  30. Nuevamente, tus escritos en español delatan que utilizas un traductor on-line para traducir del inglés al español (¿"Sienta tu culo gordo hacia abajo"? ¿"Yo te atrevo a traducir esto"? Eso apesta a traductor a kilómetros). Además, por muchos otros idiomas que hables no es excusa para las auténticas burradas que has escrito en inglés, y más aun si aseguras que "pronto lo dominarás completamente". Puedes "atreverme" (la palabra correcta sería "retar", por cierto) a traducir lo que quieras del inglés al español y verás cómo ni de lejos queda tan mecánico y mal elaborado, porque al contrario que tu traductor on-line, yo sí que podré traducir expresiones no literales. Por mucho que ahora te escudes en que somos diferentes tipos de "latinos" (que, por cierto, siendo tú de Filipinas y yo de España siento informarte que ninguno de los dos es latino) hay cosas que saltan a la vista que no las ha escrito un hispanohablante, sea del país que sea.

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    Me gustaría que me dijeras en qué momento he dicho yo que no "tome" (nuevamente el traductor te la ha jugado, la palabra es "soportar" o "aguantar") a los fans de Christina Aguilera. Siento curiosidad más que nada porque yo soy uno de esos fans; tengo el móvil lleno de canciones suyas y, como he recalcado muchas veces en este blog, es la artista con la que me he sentido más emocionalmente conectado después de Simple Plan. Opie también ha recalcado varias veces que, aunque no se considera un fan, encuentra que Christina tiene algo en su voz que la conmueve.

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  31. Oh, do you underestand spanish? If it's so then yay, finally someone that speaks my language! :D Anyway, besides this exception, I'm gonna keep on talking in english out of respect (was that last sentence build properly?)

  32. OK, am I the only one who was AMAZED by Adam Lambert's performance of "Marry the night" in Glee? Fuck, it was electrifying, those belts are not of this world. I'm gonna go check some of his material o_O

    PD: I also really liked this acoustic performance of "Wide awake" Jacob and Jenna's voices are so soft and melodic in here...

  33. Yo no llamo grosero, no creo que usted es grosero, tal vez condescendiente ...

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    Les dije que el asiento hacia abajo , porque todos ustedes , asuman cosas acerca de una persona que nunca conoció . Una vez que me dijo que tengo muchos videos en línea que me estoy comunicando con un altavoz español . Si no puedo hablar o entender el español cómo diablos estoy aun respondiendo a estás suposiciones tontas y comentarios?

  34. I too have to use Google translate to be able to sort of get what you guys are saying and I get the impression she is being as obnoxious in Spanish as she is in English. Her rudeness to us I suppose one could sort of see as justified but the rudeness to you ...there clearly was no call for whatsoever.
    I think in whatever language she shows her true nature alright.

  35. And? Do you still think so? ;-)

    I didn't notice any changes in the order tbh. As far as I know usually a reply is simply added to the string and gets shoved down a notch if there is a second reply to the same comment?

  36. The structure of the sentences is always the same no matter what dialect of spanish you are using. Plus, in schools they teach the standar spanish, which is the one I've been using. I know plenty of people that speak spanish but are not from Spain (The guy I've been dating lately, for instance) and they structure the sentences the same as me. Also, then again, those sentences are clearly translated from english.

    Second, Spain is not a country of "habla latina", mostly because latin dissappeard long time ago and now it's only spoken in the Vatican. Spain is a country of "habla española".

    How are you underestanding my commments? Easy, the same way you are resplying to them: Saint Google Translator.

  37. No, it's not that. Old comments appear all mixed with newer coments (And I'm not talking about responses to those comments, I'm talking about the actual comment) and it's really confusing. I guess I'll just wait for it to be fixed and if it doesn't, then I'll try to email Disqus.

  38. It's not just her rudeness (And her persistence in calling us rudes ourselves lol) but that she clearly can't speak the language she claims to dominate. Then again I really feel to high-five her in my own way...

  39. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 November 2013 at 13:29

    Really you do? Tell me a quick fix for nasality, tell me how to achieve mask resonance, breathe support and open throat all in one quick move? Tell me what is vocal resonance? tell me a quick way to smooth out registers? Let's see...

  40. I said I was trained and studied in conservatory of music for theory and classical piano, and am trained (non classical voice) Read above and other post I have made this a point.

    I could have taken opera and pedagogy, but no. Sorry my passion was not in it. Did I disappoint you?

  41. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 November 2013 at 19:39

    All of those things I asked about are applicable to all kinds of healthy, good singing, not just opera :)
    And you are right, to sing opera requires real requires the most dedication, the most musicianship, the most talented, the greatest vocal ability.

  42. I am not going to disagree with you, My passion was for non classical music, and I just could not force myself to learn opera when my heart was not in it. But I agree it is the most healthiest form of singing, and the hardest and it takes a lot of dedication. I respect opera. You have to.

  43. " but sometimes they're so stubborn that I really feel like high-fiving them... In the face... With a chair..."

    I am afraid I am less optimistic and remain in the belief lots of people aren't capable of rationality. For real. Just like lots of people cannot think 3 dimensionally and therefor suck at maths for instance.
    It's a physical thing and not their fault therefor but it IS on them if they refuse to accept that physical fact. ;-)