Tuesday 10 December 2013

[Discuss] Divas Dominate List Of Most Viewed Vevo Videos Of 2013

It looks like our Divas are winning when it comes to Vevo views this year! Taking seven out of the ten places available, the female of the species well and truly dominated 2013's countdown of most viewed videos on the hated video platform. (Note: as far as I am concerned, Britney Spears is what made Scream and Shout such a success, so I consider that song another victory for the Divas)

Who should really be smiling reading this list, though, is Ms. Miley Ray Cyrus, as she takes both the gold and sliver places with singles Wrecking Ball and We Can't stop. Even more impressive than this feat, is that Wrecking ball reached a hundred million views in less than a week after it first premièred. It's since gone on to rack up almost four hundred millions views since its release in September! Yowza!

So were these videos deserving of their placing on the tally? Or did controversy, rather than musical talent, play a prominent role in their charting? Let me know in the comments. Also feel free to link to your favourite video of the year.

Check out the full list, as well as the videos featured, below!

  1. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
  2. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
  3. Scream and Shout - will.i.am ft. Britney Spears
  4. Diamonds - Rihanna
  5. Roar - Katy Perry
  6. Just Give Me a Reason - P!nk ft. Nate Ruess
  7. Blurred Lines' - Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell
  8. Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
  9. La La La - Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith
  10. Kiss You - One Direction
Source: Time.com



  1. I don't think one can state one all compassing reason for all ten videos to have been doing so well.
    Some of them controversy played a big role, some already had a huge fan base searching for anything their idol did anyway, others I have heard no controversy around at all. Then again..those I haven't seen either lol.

    Personally of course I am pretty convinced many came to Miley's videos because of controversy but came back again because they liked the song/video.
    Least, that is what a fair amount of comments under her videos have expressed.

    Of the videos I saw on this list, as a video I liked Blurred Lines best.
    Mostly though I hate Vevo and try to avoid it's videos as much as possible.

  2. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes10 December 2013 at 20:38

    I believe in the end of the day, those kind of lists somewhat shows us the state of mind of the public, mostly the young one... And this list is really coherent to what I've seen arround, haha!

  3. Diamonds is the shiz though

  4. Honestly this year wasn't a great year for music to me. There were some good songs, some bad, some in between. But there was nothing that really grabbed me within itself. Some are in love with Miley's Bangerz album, but I honestly don't see the big hype between all the songs and videos. Some call it genius but to me it sounds..."fake". Artpop and Prism are both forgettable to me and although I loved Arianas new album at first-it quickly grew old to me. Hate Blurred Lines. Just an awful song that one is. P!nks been doing well and so has Kelly. I hope that Mimi can pick herself back up next year with the release of her album, and I hope Christina can dish out something thats actually...GOOD. Don't get me wrong I can get down to "Lotus" but that albums sort of a joke compared to her earlier albums.

  5. i like both miley's songs, but the whole album just doesn't work really well, the songs in between lack appeal. ARTPOP was probably my favourite release this year, and it wasn't a masterpiece anyway, another favourite of mine is Trouble by Natalia Kills. Ariana Grande lacks spice in her album, It doesn't work in being bold in any way (this is a personal requirement). Although i like some songs from Lorde's album, her composition in melodies seems way too repetitive at times, specially for an album of 10 songs that lasts 40 min, she could focus on making those 10 songs a lot more different from each other. I don't even wanna talk about Katy Perry, her eternal silly teen drama kinda 'music' can't really make me appreciate her talent.

  6. Hate her with a passion. Nothing she does musically or otherwise will ever be the shiz to me. The only exception being her not caving in to pressure to not play in Israel.

  7. Completely understandable why people would like Blurred Lines, because I've found myself a complete fan of the parodies featuring half-naked men. But I will never get over how misogynistic and reminiscent of rape the original song is.

  8. My favorite videos of the year tho,
    Work Bitch - Britney Spears. Fierce, femme, phenomenal.
    Unconditionally - Katy Perry. It was really pretty and one of the most visually beautiful videos of the year and I loved seeing her get hit by a car.
    Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey. Honestly it just had a really good vibe and it was gorgeous and it felt dramatic and depressing in all the right ways.
    Made In The USA - Demi Lovato. Fun summer jam, but actually a really good video in terms of direction and storyline.
    Come & Get It - Selena Gomez. Again, gorgeous video, great artistic direction. I'm sure now you've figured I have a thing for visuals.
    Mirrors - Justin Timberlake. Actually touching tribute to his grandparents.

  9. Actually I think it's all depended on what lines you focus and how you choose to interpret them.

    To me the song is about women liking and wanting sex in much the same way it has always been okay for men to express but not women.

    I don't know how the repeated lines by the male to the female ....

    "The way you grab me
    Must wanna get nasty
    Go ahead, get at me"
    are about a male raping a female?

    As I see it, the song is about a man saying to a woman "I know you want to have down and dirty sex, don't let that other guy keep that hidden. You can have your way with me"

    Certainly I feel the video underlines this.

    I think that parody was very weak as a parody and certainly lacking any and all true wit. It seemed to me just sour feminism of the kind that gives feminism the name of being all about sour women.
    But you know, that's just my take on it. Maybe because I know how women talk about sex and guys when the men are not around. ;-)
    Though some now are brave enough to say it in mixed public.

  10. Out of what's listed, I think P!nk & Nate had the best video/song combination.

  11. Interesting, I was surprise that she went with Wrecking Ball after listening to her album. She has better ballads/power ballads.

  12. Bangerz is definitely in my top 3 releases. I think it's an album that people (in general) will warm up to over time. To me it was a game changer. I longed for an exciting pop album and she delivered. It's impossible to pick a favorite song, but I'd suggest checking out "Adore You" (her next single and an impeccably crafted ballad), "FU", "Drive", and "Do My Thang". She has so much personality and it shines through the album. "FU" is very Amy Winehouse-esque, and I love the husky vocal she gives. I'm hoping she goes in that soulful direction on her next record. Her voice is so flexible, the genres are limitless. And that will set her up for an extremely long career of reinvention. I'm waiting for a rock album too.

  13. Im in that camp,love Britney to death but for the first time the album seems lukewarm, its like the second Sex and the City move over again.

  14. Oh look, all the Mariah haters are coming out top lay. Fucking pricks. Lmao at the Staintina Offkeylera gif.

  15. Really? Because in her prime Mariah often sang better live, adding high notes, low notes and acrobatics to her songs to give a new style to a song.

  16. I was too cold that day, Maiah was the only one showing legs and boobs. That's the price she had do pay.

    The rockfeller center performance was dubbed too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjRiLOX2qBc&hd=1

  17. Yes, that was what I was saying....you are over the top aggressive in general.

    You are also the one posting baseless lies.

    But ya know, no need for either of us to point out the obvious characteristics of your posts. They literally speak for themselves.

    However, since it seems you failed to understand my point with posting Anouk I will explain that one.
    It was a response to the troll claiming Gaga is the one and only vocal queen today.
    I will be extremely generous and assume it is your hatred for me which leads you to not bother with even the simplest of research and just make ridiculous claims about Anouk's singing based on the one video.
    A video I posted because it was the most recent performance (going to that "today" aspect of the troll's claim), because it was a song I hadn't posted before and because it was live without any auto tune and massive amounts of reverb etc in a very simple and basic set up for a professional tv studio.

    IMO it greatly undermines the status as a knowledgeable person you are trying to establish that you still obviously did not bother with any research and continue to compare Anouk based on the one video, to a list of singers which is the standard list for self proclaimed blog experts on singing to rattle off as being the best.


    Also it seems I need to explain to you I never claimed Anouk was better than your list there. I implied she was better or at least equal to Gaga.

    You just , inspired by hate for me rather than love for music, jumped into the conversation, introduced an counter argument to something I never claimed and then went on from that point arguing as if I HAD said or implied what I never said or implied.
    Not the first time you did fell into that pattern. You did the same to Josh just a few days ago.

    Now, seeing as I really can't nor want to take anything said out of personal hatred for me rather than out of love for music seriously, I think I am just going to ignore any and all comments by you in this blog and leave you to enjoy that trip without me.

    After all, the me in your mind doesn't exist anyway.
    It's a whole person and life you made up around 3 extremely basic facts..my age, my sexuality and my claim I can't sing a lick and a rather limited imagination on your part.

  18. That is all very true Ethan but beside the point.
    I just meant that the things you mentioned in your original posts are not characteristics of a perfectionist.
    And basically you are now saying.."well, she used to be". But we weren't talking about what she used to be. We were talking about what she was that night you were posting those reasons for.
    And generally what kind of person can be described to be a perfectionist.

    I personally can completely understand if Mariah these days opts for a a less strenuous life than that of a perfectionist and don't blame her one bit.
    I am simply saying that the adjective "perfectionist" is, in that case, no longer applicable.

    I am not confused btw regarding who is saying such things and making up excuses. Generally it's her fans who do so more than Mariah does. I am totally aware of that. :-)

  19. For anyone saying she was never consistent singing live...
    During the Daydream tour there are tons of undubbed videos of her concerts and you can hear how pristine and resonant her voice is. Some of it may still not be perfect but she was a much better live singer earlier than she is currently.

  20. I think you'll enjoy this article if that is the way you feel about the song/video Opie http://yourfriendshouse.com/2013/are-you-really-that-thicke/

  21. I'd love to here what you all think
    about Sara Quin (from Tegan and Sara) had to say about Miss Miley:

    "The controversy around her
    shouldn't distract from her being a quintessential pop star. She's this
    generation's Madonna - a hugely talented pop star with agency over her body and
    sexuality, which terrifies people. And she's constantly switching up between sounds.
    'Bangerz' is part electro, part country, part rap, all incredible."

  22. Cheers Riri! I indeed enjoyed the article as it put very clearly and well worded, exactly the way I view the "feminst" complains around this song.
    I also, due to my experience of arguing such matters on various internet sites, wonder how many of said complaining feminists are actually women. But that is maybe just my cynical view...or not. ;-D

  23. No need to guess what I think of Sara's quote. ;-)

  24. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes11 December 2013 at 18:23

    I believe this was an interesting year pop music-wise... Trends are changing, thoughts are changing and I would say right now isn't a very safe formula to make interesting pop music as we don't really have any overhelming musical trend... And this shows on how much variety most albums needed to have. My favorite diva albums from the year were both Bangerz, probably the boldest big pop album of the year, and Britney Jean, that to me felt like a heartfelt self-analisis of one of contemporary pop music biggest careers... And also Sim, by Sandy, but she is brazilian so you guys wouldn't care. :P
    I liked:
    Bangerz by Miley Cyrus was bold, fun and heartfelt.
    Britney Jean by Britney spears was a career review.
    Yours Truly by Ariana Grande was a nice surprise, I recomend it to fans of her style.
    Sim by Sandy was a intimist pop experience.
    Pure Heroine by Lorde was pop without sounding like everything else on radio.
    Stars Dance by Selena Gomez was FUN, but lacked personality.
    FEEL by Namie Amuro was less fun and had a little more personality.
    Artpop by Lady Gaga wasn't bad, but boring, the only thing a pop album can't be.
    Prism by Katy Perry was above her past releases, but unmemorable.
    Loved me back to life by Celine Dion was 2013 take on Celine, good and bad aspects.
    Closer to the truth was 2013 take on Cher, good and bad aspects.
    LOVE again by ayumi hamasaki was heartfelt, but boring.
    Anitta by Anitta is catchy, but doesn't go to its full potential.
    I disliked:
    Demi by Demi Lovato was generic, boring and overly safe.
    I didn't listen but will:
    Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira
    Matangi by M.I.A.
    Colours in the Dark by Tarja
    The Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles
    Dreamchaser by Sarah Brightman
    Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara
    I didn't listen and won't:
    Avril Lavigne by Avril Lavigne. Because fuck you, fake punk chick.
    Biggest insight:
    Mariah should review her 90s style, or Ariana will make money with it instead of her.

  25. Wouldn't say we don't care Vinicius. More like most of us don't know the name but you should provide links to some songs of Sim in that case. Maybe some of us will start to care and be really happy you introduced them to Sandy. :-)

  26. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes11 December 2013 at 18:41

    Haha, that wasn't a rank, mostly a joke. Language barrier matters when it's about music, and even if I like when people listen to pop music from Brazil, I myself have a hardtime listening to stuff out of my "language confort zone" :P. I posted some Sim tracks on Facebook, and this is my favorite Sim track (and probably favorite pop track this year): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxixWSa9dfo

  27. Hey, bit off-topic, but DD, could you make an update to Carrie Underwood's vocal range? In her Sound of Music performance she sang a Bb5 live and recorded.

  28. LOL I know it wasn't a rant. But I WAS curious about Sims.
    Not really my thing. I enjoyed it but wouldn't likely look for it again. But that is more than I can say of Britney's album. Though I am happy to see her making what looks like a successful come back...can't say I care much for the album.

    Language barrier doesn't bother me all that much I have to say. I enjoy the sounds of Portuguese and Spanish and French even though I hardly understand them . If I really like a song I will just find a translation of the lyrics. :-)

  29. I'm a lowerset tenor, possibly a spinto.

  30. Btw I just saw that the video of just the Audio of Wrecking Ball had over 22 million views. I think it's safe to assume it's not just the controversy but also the song itself which draws people.

  31. Instead of trying to find excuses, I try to find reasons. Seems to work better. It's not as if I'm completely delusional and saying 'she was just off in a few places, but she's ALWAYS AMAZING!!!!111!!!1!!!'. Personally, I think those kind of fans are much better.

  32. I don't think Miley is anything like Madonna. Miley's lyrics are not daringly sexual or controversial in the way Madonna songs were or are. With Miley, it's just her image. I think in terms of controversy, Lady Gaga is more like Madonna with her use of a sex,religion, and politics in her songs.

    People are just shocked by Miley they watched her "grow up". Is she really more controversial than Rihanna, who also had a very sexy image at Miley's age?

  33. What I found most amusing was that the exact type of "pseudo feminists" that the article was calling out, were the ones who came flocking to the comments section haha

  34. I agree tbh. It didn't feel classic, like an album that would stand the test of time like all her other albums. The two singles and the deluxe edition tracks are really the only songs that I listen to regularly off it. I'm disappointed with will.i.am, as the production quality was probably the worst thing about the album, it sounded cheap and unprofessional.

  35. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 03:53

    1) I actually did research the singer you showed, I listened to 5 different performances of her. Never did I say she wasn't a good singer/artist. I said (in my opinion) I don't think what I heard was sufficiently impressive to earn her the title of "vocal queen". For the record, I don't think Gaga is a "vocal queen" either, but I've heard more versatility from Gaga than the artist you posted.
    2) You did say/implied Anouk's singing was "beyond my comprehension" as if her particular style was somewhat more sublime than power belting and other vocal acrobatics.

    3) By baseless lies I meant you confusing a low quality recording for a studio recording and saying I sing flat when I don't.
    4) I've given you the opportunity to prove that you actually have some technical knowledge of music and you haven't done so.
    5) I attacked Josh because he made a commented that in my opinion shows great ignorance and immaturity by implying that singing well is not important outside of opera.

  36. Absolutely :-)

  37. I don't think the comparison went to themes Milia. But even so, it wasn't the themes of Madonna which scared people. Those are basic themes in art throughout human history..sex,religion and politics, I think it was indeed the fact that she was a woman with agency over her body and sexuality..and mind.
    I don't think Britney and Rihanna have such an image of "agency". They are pretty much recognized by everybody (with of course the exception of their stans) to be products of other people/record companies and in fact lacking "agency" to a very large extent.

  38. LOL of course. :-)

  39. Just to clarify...

    2) nope. "more sublime" is not what I meant by "beyond your comprehension".
    3) flat because it lacked emotional depth.

    4) nothing to do with anything.

    5) nope..not what Josh implied at all.

  40. it's quite hopeless to talk to him. i think he's a kind of person who thinks that he is smarter than everybody because of his education or background. if you look at how he replies, he immediately jumps to conclusion, he reads the comments in a wrong way then attacks with irrelevant manner.

  41. That's why I am giving up Josh.
    But I felt I should just clarify to any possible readers, the factual incorrectness of his points there. But deliberately I didn't bother with any other aspects.
    I thought your comment which he attacked for what it did not say, was actually quite clear in what it did say.
    And I am pretty convinced the majority of readers would have understood it the way you meant it. :-)

  42. nice !

  43. it's worse* :) but I agree

  44. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 16:45

    I am smarter than most people, that's not just my education, that's my IQ since I was very little :) But that's besides the point.

    And I quote your exact words now:

    "today it is no longer how you sing but the way you can market yourself and relevance/image so get over the technique things this is not opera this is pop"

  45. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 16:45

    Did you actually read what he said? And I quote exact words:

    "today it is no longer how you sing but the way you can market yourself and relevance/image so get over the technique things this is not opera this is pop"

  46. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 16:47

    When it comes to emotion...it's a matter of personal connection with the artist, so if you think I sing without emotion, I completely respect your opinion.

    And Josh did not so much imply as flat out state that singing technique was not important in pop music:

    "today it is no longer how you sing but the way you can market yourself and relevance/image so get over the technique things this is not opera this is pop"

  47. I'm not even going to bite his cheap blows so he can keep dreaming, it's a total waste to talk to idiots you know there is a very funny quote about that “They say even death can't cure an idiot"

  48. and LOL the IQ thing, thats too funny. I bet he lives in wonderland too and he met Barbra Streisand there.

  49. Nope. The comment you responded to and I am alluding to was ,and I quote the actual and full comment,...
    "My opinion is that this is POP not OPERA so moderate knowledge on singing would suffice"

  50. And her many vocal coaches through out her long career. ;-)

  51. And that quote you posted is him trying to explain that first comment you so wildly misinterpreted from which explanation you take a quote out of context so that it might look like you did not misinterpret as wildly as you actually did.
    But I am really going to stop now because this is again getting beyond my clarifying and instead in yet another "argument" with you.
    I guess I will just have to accept that you will post yet some more nonsense and whatever in reply and trust in the intelligence of possible readers to see what's what.

  52. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 17:18

    No, I am not much of a red queen, I'm more of a Snow Queen, Maleficent or Evil Queen :)
    And at least I know the difference between "there" and "their" :)

  53. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 17:19

    That's funny, should I quote you showing you confuse simple English words? I mean, how did you even graduate high school?

  54. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 December 2013 at 17:22

    And even that quote is pretty clear on saying he does not think technique is very important for pop singing :) the word "suffice" implies something is just "good enough", and "good enough" is mediocre.

  55. Good thinking Josh! And good quote! :-)

  56. Misinterpreting!

  57. LOL the "DISGUST" failed again. and i think it only happens to you. and now i guess he can't use the "there and their" error i made which i apologized for.

  58. Acoustic Applause - the head voice at the end is stunning:


  59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5moJi_pG0y4 This video should be one of the most viewed! I'm addicted to this song...

  60. Yes, it's very annoying but I have seen it happen to others as well Josh. :-)

    Btw the "expert" won't need them of course but I found them quite interesting and I think you and maybe others might too.

    They are master sessions in pop, classical, jazz, gospel and musical theater. (hope this goes alright with the different links.)






    there are also some other videos..symposiums on vocal health and vocal education.

  61. Mariah needs to let Mary Ann stick to background vocals cause she is doing her justice. Mariah needs someone who gonna be tough on. Has anyone heard Mary Ann Tatum sing or any work she done outside of Mariah's background.

  62. This video from 1995 should be the most viewed video of 2013?

  63. Do you need proof sir? I can provide you with some...

  64. bc its called a joke? lmao

  65. Lol, she seriously needs to stop singing live until she does something to repair her voice.
    Céline must be laughing so hard 'bout this performance

  66. Personally, I feel that the top two music vevo videos of the year were based almost solely on using sex to sell it, this year has not been a great year for music as many singers like Miley choose to grow up this year,showcasing mediocre vocals but exposing their skins trying to impress their already very huge fanbase. Most of the videos were either sex-based or the singers already have a huge fanbase. Only people/singers like P!nk rely on mostly their talent to sell their music videos/songs Personally, my top 10 favs are:

    1. Demi Lovato - Let it Go
    2. Demi Lovato - Neon Lights
    3. Ariana Grande - The Way
    4. Sara Bareilles - Brave
    5. Ariana Grande - RIght There
    6. Lady Gaga - Manicure
    7. Katy Perry - Unconditionally
    8. Lorde - Royals
    9. P!nk ft Nathan Ruess - Just Give Me a Reason
    10. One republic - Counting Stars

    These bands/singers are the ones who have some talent instead of relying on their bodies to make their music videos work.

  67. Doesn't also depend on the singer? I know some girls in my school who start their lower belts at like A3s. I know personally I start my lower belts at F3 but I'm a guy.

  68. yes she has but you are clearly overlooking them and have a massive issue with christina you're making her out to be far worse than she is (and clearly don't know as much as you think you do) you're on every post about her criticising her at every opportunity dude you have a problem. To be so aggressively fixated on someone you don't know is not healthy, there isn't anything positive in what you're doing and don't try to claim you're educating people there are far more knowledgeable people on here than you whom are both fans of hers and offering proper technical critiques that are fair and objective, personally i've actually learnt stuff from them but you nothing that I (and just about everyone else in the world who has access to wikipedia haha lol(btw cus i'm sure you'll try to twist that my knowledge isn't solely from wikipedia i was suggesting the supposed knowledge you've used is)) didn't already know. please just don't say things anymore you're attitude is so vile and it spoils the discussions that are going on here on this blog which are actually quite fun and interesting.