Monday 2 December 2013

[Watch] Tamar Braxton Delivers A Rough Around The Edges Medley @ Soul Train 2013

Tamar Braxton has been suffering from a few vocal problems recently, and her medley at the 2013 Soul Train Awards left me feeling that things still aren't quite right when it comes to her instrument. On the plus side, the Diva wasn't having problems reaching the notes (as has been the case previously) during her medley of Love And War, All the Way Home and The One. It was more the tone that was exhibiting a change, sounding "brassy" throughout the range.

More distracting than the slightly off vocal was the performance itself, which was all kinds of messy. From the awkward choreography to the moments Tamar was visibly out of breath, the whole thing was lacking polish and finesse. And I'm not even going to comment on the outfit choice!

Tamar Braxton has the potential to be something spectacular, it's just a shame she doesn't seem to want it enough to put in the work.

And finally, when did this video of Tamar parodying Beyonce's performance style happen?! Wait, it's not a parody but an actual music video....gee whiz. I wonder if it's the same director who shot Toni Braxton's I Heart You.


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