Saturday 4 January 2014

Mariah Carey Gifts 2013 With A Medley Of Greatest Hits Before It Passes

Would you expect the first post of 2014- Happy New Year, btw- to be anything but one featuring the Diva ultimately responsible for this blog even existing! Yes, the year starts off with a Mariah Carey post! Where my lambs at!

The Diva was on fine form as she entertained the crowd in New York with that stunning voice, all while braving, what looked like, some subzero conditions. The blessed individuals of the audience were taken through a whistle-stop tour of her greatest hits- I have no idea why Touch My Body was included- which lasted a transcendent five minutes!

Whether the vocal was live/dubbed/some sort of black magic, I don't really want to speculate on- you can do that yourselves. However, it might be interesting to know that this set was actually filmed in early December, which would have left plenty of time for someone to mess with the audio- if one was so inclined to do so. To counter that argument, you do have to wonder- if that was what happened- why the rasp was left on the chest notes,  the run of whistle notes in Emotions were lowered or the "off" notes weren't edited out. On a side note, I loved how she switched up the textures in the climax of We Belong Together. Intentional or not, I can't figure out how she navigates her voice.

Still, if you want some undeniably live vocals from the Diva with the five octave range, I'll end the post with some improv done on the night, as things were being set up. She sounded just as good here as she did in the medley and the performance of The Art Of Letting Go.


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