Friday 14 February 2014

[Countdown] Top Ten Girl Groups of ALL TIME

Billboard have used their book of chart magic to conjure up a list of the top ten girl groups of ALL TIME. Spooky, yet prestigious (for those who made it on to it)!

In reality, the American chart compilers used some kind of algorithm to formulate this list. They actually explained their methodology- take a read, below- on their website, but the way it trailed off into vague conjecture by the end, it may as well have been magiced up because I sure as hell don't know what they were talking about. You give it a try:

The top 10 all-time girl groups list is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100. Artists are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over time, certain eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods.

Still, we all love a countdown/list -don't lie, you do- so let's stop wasting time and get to it! Also, regardless of this list, let me know of YOUR favorite girl group(s) in the comments. A video would also be appreciated, just so we can hear what it is you're talking about.

Top ten girl groups of all time: 

10. Spice Girls:

9. The Marvelettes:

8. SWV:

7. Martha And The Vandellas:

6. En Vogue:

5. Exposé: (I've never even heard of this group!)

4. The Pointer Sisters:

3. Destiny's Child:

2. TLC: (The high placing is surprising!)

1. Vanilla:

Just Kidding....

1. The Supremes (No surprises to be found here)




    My favorite girl group

  2. Destiny's child? or is this an imaginary group consisting of Michelle, Celine, Beyonce, and Kelly? Also, Celine was feeling that C6!

  3. LoL I was talking about Destiny's Child but I wouldn't mind seeing that imaginary group

  4. I agree. However, if it were up to me, my Top- 3 would have gone as follows:

    1) The Supremes
    2) Destiny's Child
    3) TLC

    This song is a CLASSIC (and so are Beyonce's 'Braids' & Kelly's 'Short Crop. : - D)

    1990's: The Golden Age Of Contemporary R&B!!!

  5. Love En Vogue and The Pointer Sisters but these days my fave all girls group is

  6. I love TLC because to me they were creative, had real messages in their songs, and it was more of a group that expressed each person's individual talent, unlike Destiny's Child (In My Opinion).

  7. Spice girls at nr 10? Bitch please!!
    They are the best-selling female group of ALL TIME, one of the best-selling groups of ALL TIME, AND the biggest British phenomenon since Beatlemania. SWV? Expose? Never heard of them.

  8. This is all well and good but come on... Spice Girls. It may have only been for a short period of time but they RULED the world!

  9. If this was biggest girl group world wide I think it is pretty obvious who number one would be ;)!

  10. SWV is one of the main groups that inspired Destiny Child, However only one member in the group (the lead singer) has vocal ability.

  11. Not true, they're all great singers but Coko just has the highest and biggest voice.

  12. Then you need to brush up on your music. Spice Girls were big, yes but SWV and many other girl groups could outsing them in their sleep - and that's just as solo artists, not even as a group.

  13. En Vogue are my favourite for their flawless vocals and harmonies, but I also love most of the others in this list too. I wonder where Labelle would have placed in this list? They were pretty phenomenal in terms of vocal abilities.

  14. Not really... :/ One of the reasons they were so big, was infact that they didn't have huge/great voices. But they were just five normal girls, which made it easier for young girls to relate/sing along. All of this was said in their documentary.

  15. Yes I know that - 90% of big artists these days are poor singers but are successful because they're relatable and have catchy music, but what are you saying "not really" to? Are you disagreeing that these other girl groups could outsing them? Because that's what I meant.

  16. Ive heard all 3 of them sing and not being able to sing high is least their vocal issues. There is a reason that they are hardly ever seen. Not only that, they struggle singing non complicated background vocals. And Coko knows that she is the only one that can really sing and that the other two could never do solo work if they wanted. Im not knocking them but, they are not a well vocally supported group as DC or En Vogue or Danity Kane.

  17. Hmm, I disagree on the non-complicated background vocals - they had some of the best vocal harmonies out of the girl groups in the 90s I think - certainly not on En Vogue's level but I'd say better than Danity Kane (well, from what I've heard from them anyway). I don't think "poor" vocals would have much to do with why they may not have a successful solo career - apart from Beyonce, Diana and Patti rarely do other girl group members (particularly not the lead singer) do that well in comparison to their group's efforts. I mean Coko didn't do so well as a solo artist either. I do however think their voices are just not as quite as characterful or distinctive enough to really set them apart from anyone else on solo artist level.

  18. I too liked their harmonies sound great studio wise. Absolutely it had a distinctive sound primarly because they were carried (triple staked with the lead singers vocals. However when it comes to live performances their vocals can be heard clear when Coko is doing melisma's and the other two attempt there background harmonies by themselves. Which is why im sure they have the dynamic they do as far as the lead the singer singing 95% of leads. I do give them credit cause they never use a backing track, but considering is very rare for either one of them to get a verse, they should at least sing the backgrounds live. In DC, Kelly was always given a verse and Michelle sung the bridges, but the majority of there background harmonies and chorus were lipped. As for Coko solo career, it has never taken off due to industry politics. She never had the support, Coko does not dance, stage presents nor have the ideal look Beyonce has but that's whole different issue. Plus Mariah Butterfly era was in full effect and Alliyah were running the charts much as Beyoncé and Rihanna tend to do now.

  19. TLC were the coolest girl group ever, and probably one of the best!! Who doesn't remember waterfalls? One of the best songs ever!!!