Monday 3 March 2014

Idina Menzel Scares Children With "Let It Go" Performance @ 2014 Oscars

It was probably for the best that the 2014 Oscars were on too late for the kids to stay up and watch. The parents of these (hypothetical) children at least now had the night to work out an excuse as to why Idina Menzel's performance of Let It Go was unlike the version they had heard, and sang along to, while enjoying animated flick Frozen.

There was without a doubt problems emanating from Idina's voice, with tuning issues and some cracking (on the top note). But the biggest problem, for me, was the mismatch in timing between the orchestra and Idina. It were almost as if they were in a race to see who could finish first, making the performance sound even messier than pitch problems alone would have caused.

I'm still not sure if I've been trolled, and the versions uploaded to YouTube- because I did not watch the show live- have actually been edited to make it sound worse than it was. I honestly find it hard to believe that someone who has cut their teeth on Broadway could deliver a rendition like this.

I really like Idina, but this here was a mess from top to tail. 



  1. Btw that is not saying I haven't experienced things, I simply don't see any proof nor feel any need or hold any desire for any metaphysical or "spiritual" explanation. Especially one relating to some "entity" being a "source of all" .

  2. We do speak up. At least in my country. After the June 30th revolution, millions of Egyptian Muslims flooded the streets calling for the police and military to stop the terrorists acts by the Muslim Brotherhood against the Muslims and Christians of Egypt. And, seriously, when did we go dancing in the streets when news of terrorist acts gets out?

  3. Seriously? Well..several times. If you are this much in denial of that I am not even going to bother with finding the videos on youtube, You can do it yourself. If you want to know the truth.
    And no, demonstrating those demonstrations are not comparable.

  4. "Mohammed just adjusted judaism/christianity to suit his worldviews."

    Islam is an adjusted version of Judaism and Christianity (This is exactly the point) that is made by God (in Islamic belief) to suit the whole world, not a specific group of people. In Islamic belief, the Abrahamic religions are all made/released by the same God, Allah, and Judaism and Christianity were made to suit a specific group of people for a certain time. When Judaism became too outdated for human life, Christianity was released as a more up-to-date version of the same religion (All Abrahamic religions have the same principles, the differences are in the details and methods). And then (in Islamic belief), Allah released Islam as the final religion to suit mankind till the end of time as it was not limited to a certain group of people and doesn't have details that can only be applied in a certain age. Unlike the previous religions, it was made flexible.

    And I didn't really get what you had to say about the difference between the world Elah and Allah. Elah means God, Allah means the God. Since all Abrahamic religions were made by the same God, the principle of monotheism is included in all of them.

  5. It seems like you are the one who is in denial to see that we do speak up and that not all of us are extremists. You see only what you want to see, not what is really happening. When Muslims go out dancing on the streets supporting terrorist acts (as you claim), you see that. When Muslims protest against terrorism, you decide that it's not worth seeing/considering. Double standards.

  6. This is just one big pile of pap; the song, the video and just everything related to this monstrosity against humanity!

  7. Also those protest weren't against terrorist acts but against Morsi trying to gain dictator status by making his decrees immune from challenge.
    And they were out of a fear of strict islamic rule being installed in Egypt.

  8. thedigblackbick4 March 2014 at 01:15

    She has THE biggest mouth I've ever seen.

  9. thedigblackbick4 March 2014 at 01:20

    Yet she's so underrated. This was a gorgeous performance by P!nk :')

  10. OK, I get what you're saying. However, the point remains the word "Allah" was not known to Arabs/Egyptians at the time.

  11. Nope, "bashing" is a violent, overtly harsh way of expressing one's distaste regarding a certain topic. It's usually not very objective and imo, it's a form of senseless hate.

    "Criticizing" is a more restrained, yet more effective way, of pointing out the negative side of a certain topic. It's less aggressive and more focused. For example, bashing would be if I made fun of Katy Perry's personal life while pointing out the negatives in her new video. Criticizing would just be pointing out the negatives in Katy Perry's new vide. Criticizing is more constructive imo.

  12. Nah, I was not talking about the June 30 demonstrations. I was talking about the protests following the downfall of Morsi. After he stepped down, the Muslim Brotherhood started performing terrorist acts toward the Muslims and Christians of Egypt in an attempt to take revenge and return to power. That's why the streets were flooded with protestors calling for the police and military to interfere and put an end to the terrorism that followed the revolution.

    Anyway, Muslims did express their disapproval of terrorist acts like 9/11 and 7/7 attacks multiple times. I'm not sure if their were demonstrations expressing that disapproval, but I know that whenever a terrorist acts takes place in the name of Islam, Al-Azhar, the biggest Islamic institution worldwide, always releases a statement expressing its disapproval of such actions and stating that they don't coincide with Islamic beliefs. Do we need to make our voice more heard? Yes. But that doesn't mean that we don't already try.

  13. I think the rushed performance was the problem. They were just rushing. I think she could have done it if they weren't.

  14. Well, if that was your point, there's no argument. That is true. :-)

  15. And who is going to judge what is "overly harsh bashing" and what is "criticizing"?
    Who will determine the line?
    Rhetorical question really because we know that answer already.

  16. This was a good moment for Pink fans and eye opening for Pink doubters. Pretty much agree with most of what's been said below.

  17. True. Just mean It's not like Islam invited the word "Allah". So it's not anachronistic bc of Allah is used in Islam. It's anachronistic because of script and the wearing "Allah" as a necklace probably only happened post-Muhammad.

  18. And what I said was that if you want to convince the critics of islam that this is a "religion of peace" you guys need to try harder. I suggested one way to go about it. Which is not a way which has been employed thus far.
    Of course it IS rather a battle as those "few extremist" seem to be traveling with light speed all over the globe, working 24/7 at disproving that claim.

  19. thedigblackbick4 March 2014 at 02:19

    To add to my other comment, she sing the song very well live. It was just a bad performance. Happens to everyone

  20. Nobody. It's open to different interpretations.

  21. Actually, you just spent several comments arguing the opposite. ;-)

  22. Agreed. We should try harder. But also others need to be more open-minded, stop the generalizations and the labeling of Muslims, 22% of the population of the planet, as terrorists.

  23. I argued about the definition of the two terms. Determining the severity of other people's word is up to the listener/reader.

  24. ps imo the world is already way too bloody accepting of islam AND christianity.

  25. No, not really. The 2 terms are not synonymous. They have 2 different definitions. The listener, however, is the one who determines the severity of other people's words and labels them "criticizing" or "bashing" accordingly. The listener decides the meaning behind which term describes others' words better. If they are too severe for the listener, they will call it bashing. If not, they'll call it criticizing. The severity is determined by the listener, not the definition itself.

  26. I dragged in terrorists because those are the ones who murder nfidels based on an incorrect interpretation of religion and thus they make the religion seem as if it's not about peace.

    "You turned this into referring to terrorism. Essentially you were the
    one labeling all muslims as terrorist. Because those passages ARE in
    that book and therefor something all 22% of muslim world population are
    supposed to abide by."

    What? Don't put words into my mouth, please. I didn't label all Muslims as terrorists, I said that I was against the labelling of all Muslims as terrorists, just because some of them are. And I also stated, " I don't recall the existence of a passage in Qur'an that calls for the
    murder of/attack/fighting with infidels without stating that we should
    do so if they only attack Muslims first. Otherwise, we should remain
    peaceful". So no, those passages are not in Qur'an.

    "And seeing as you just declared it is the duty of all muslims to bring
    islam to the "infidels", I wouldn't say you are preaching 'acceptance"

    You're making no sense. It's the duty of Muslims to introduce people to Islam. In Islamic belief, people have the right/choice to believe in it or not, and if they don't, there shouldn't be any discrimination against them. This is acceptance.

  27. The world is bloody because some people sought undeserved power and killed everyone that got in their way.

    I also find it interesting how you didn't mention Judaism in that post. Weren't Jews the ones who wanted a land of their own and made an agreement with the British to have that land in Palestine and killed all those Palestinians in the process of emptying the land for themselves?

  28. Please don't feed him. :)

  29. As someone who regularly views posts and discussions on Diva Devote,
    I thought I would give my own personal opinion about the comments that you (Primo) tend to make on this blog.

    Now before I begin, I must say that in regards to vocal prodigy, you appear to be a very intelligent and well-informed individual. I think that your knowledge can be a great asset to these particular sites given that you seem to dedicate much of your time cultivating your skill and understanding of music.

    However, I do take issue with some of the remarks that you have made here and in the past. For the most part, you are capable of making statements that are appropriate and well-mannered until certain artists (i.e, Christina) get brought into the discussion.

    Now, I know that you claim that you do not attack others unless they attack you, but I do not think that you realize how you come across in some of your original posts. People do not necessarily take offense with you backing up your claims with facts, they take offense with the tone and language through which you present those facts. Whenever you give your two cents about a singer such as Christina, your arguments make it seem as if you are trying to demean her talent, success, and reputation as a recording artist, and you attempt to insult her entire fan base for finding her great. And yes, I know that you have good reasons for pointing out flaws in her technique and are justified to point out that she needs work to become a better vocalist, but one can access an artist's skills and educate the masses about that artist in a respectful manner, and without being rude and condescending to their fans. Plus, posting 'hate' videos about Christina's technique on YouTube and name-calling your opponents is both childish and distasteful; it should not matter who started what. It only makes people more upset by adding fuel to the fire rather than putting it out. I would think that someone who devotes their time to studying music on such a prestigious level would conduct themselves with a little bit more class online.

    Lastly, I have also noticed that several times you have been accused of being 'arrogant' and 'pretentious.' Arrogant people tend to have an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities, and pretentious people attempt to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, than is actually possessed. I am not trying to label you with these terms, but you do come across as if your personal preferences are the 'gold standard' by telling someone else that they 'stan for basic bitches,' and you also give off the impression that your knowledge puts you above others when you say so-and-so should be 'proud of their ignorance.' I think we all need to accept that everyone has different tastes when it comes to certain artists. Some people enjoy listening to Christina despite her flaws, whereas for others, she is an acquired taste. Whether or not someone has 'questionable tastes' is more opinion than it is a fact. Just because someone likes an artist that does not meet 'your standards' does not mean that that person should be disrespected for it nor should their intelligence be degraded just because they are not as musically education as you.

    I am sorry, I know this post is long and I need to get off my soap box,
    but I feel like I needed to address this. My main point it that if you change
    the tone/language of your commentary, people would not respond to you in such a hostile way. That is all. :)

  30. Its a half step lower but the ending belt sounds so much better!!

  31. I know Idina is a good singer.. but I just don't like listening to her voice. She's has this patronizing tone... like "I'm singing a song for children". I think Disney did a better job casing Hyolyn for the South Korean version

  32. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 07:09

    Recent performance, more casual, she did a very good job. Of course, her vocal timbre is not for everybody's taste, but I feel the nasty edge of her voice fits rebellious characters very well.

  33. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 07:15

    Mono-brow? at least I look like a man, not disgusting fat ass pre-op transsexual as you and your fellow X stans at ALD. And at least I'm man enough to show what I look like, unlike you, hiding yourself like a filthy cowardly rat. Hilarious how all the little shits that support you are basic bitches with taste level that lives at the bottom of the ocean.

  34. There we go again!

  35. "A Filthy Cowardly Rat". Girl, really! LMAO. Is that the best you've got? You're going to have to come harder than that peaches, you're attempt at trying to shade is laughable at best.

    And yes booboo, monobrow. Looking like a damn cockrel! LOL.

  36. Sewer rats need to eat too but, yh...

  37. I've never seen such a disjointed music video. Something about it just doesn't click..

  38. I was using your rhetoric Ahmed. You set about putting "words in mouths' by responding to a criticism on the text of the q'uran as if it was a criticism saying all muslims being terrorists.
    The criticism was on whether islam preaches "peace". Not on whether each and every muslim follows his book thoroughly enough.

    I jumped in when you took this as criticism against certain individuals and used an argument. My goal was to undermine the "just a few extremists" argument you used against those muslim terrorists you dragged into the conversation.

    If I started telling you at every turn how you'd be better off and could save your "eternal soul" by becoming an atheist, even after you informed me you are a muslim...I don't think you would go around describing me as "accepting".

  39. Read again please. I did not say the world is bloody (though it is indeed). I said it is too bloody accepting. The "bloody" here has the same meaning as when I would say "too damn accepting" or "too much accepting"

    The reason I therefor didn't mention judaism is because the world has most definitely not been "accepting" of judaism other than in order to "appropriate it" in order to steal it's ideas as well as give a warped idea of credibility to their supposed "adjusted" words of a god so "infallible", it couldn't come up with a "message" covering all times. Which frankly even I could do.

    And for that second paragraph...that would your interpretation of what happened.

  40. Yes it DOES because to quote you earlier " It's OK to criticize. It's not OK to bash."
    But I get it now, you weren't making a blanket statement, You were only stating your personal view there. To YOU the one is ok the other is not.

  41. Maybe they should have scraped the orchestra and gotten the Roots to do it with her.

  42. I liked a couple of the visuals, but as usual it's nothing but over-the-top cartoonish imagery with incredibly bright colors. Did we really expect her label to let her do something dark? That wouldn't bode well with her 12-15 target demographic, would it?

    The most offensive thing about this is the lack of trying. It's nothing but Katy sitting in front of a green screen for three minutes while the background does all of the entertaining for you. Though I suppose that's kind of been a theme this era. The production repeatedly overshadowing the person who is supposed to be the main focus.

  43. Regarding the "peaceful" message of the q'uran and the "right/choice to believe"....

  44. And on how 'accepting" islam is of other faiths and views...

  45. I knew you were going to post something like this. I'm someone who read Qur'an multiple times and I can confirm that some of these verses are taken completely out of context while the rest order Muslims to defend themselves (attack) if they were attacked first. Funny how you believe anything an unofficial and unreliable website posts that shows nothing but the webmaster's own personal interpretations of the verses he posted and now actual sources to his words. Like I said before, you believe what you want to believe.

  46. Ah ok, sorry, I didn't get that you were using the British slang.

    I won't even bother arguing the second paragraph. I've already explained my religion's views on the topic and it's OK if you disagree.

    Anyway, that's not really my interpretation of what happened, but I'll let it pass since this is not the main topic we're arguing.

  47. Yeah, what exactly is wrong with that? Islam orders Muslims to be accepting of people of different religions. However, like every other religion, Islam considers itself the only right religion and the only one that God wants us to believe in and warns non-believers that they would face strong judgement by God (in afterlife) if they don't believe in it till they die. This doesn't have anything to do with how Muslims should treat non-believers in life. Muslims should understand that those verse only concern God and non-believers. In Islamic belief, if a person doesn't believe in Islam, Muslims should treat him well and accept him, knowing that it's not up to them to judge that person, 'cause that Allah's job. That's the point of afterlife.

  48. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 14:23

    Look she tried, and the tempo was so fast i don't think she expected it...

    Sometimes it's not the singer its the musicians...

    Ever tried singing and the band was too fast or tempo was a bit higher than rehearsed? I have and threw me off.

  49. And as the link regarding islam's views on ''acceptance" show, islam at the same time sets the stage to interpret non submission or criticism or ridicule as an "attack". Nice loophole there ;-)

    And we all "believe what we want to believe" Ahmed. Only some of us take more facts into account then others do. ;-)

  50. The salliant point of the second paragraph is the non acceptance of judaism by the world. There really is no argument there. It simply is a historical fact.
    The interpretation of the why and the role of judaism in the other major monotheistic religions...that is just my opinion. :-)

    Yes it is your interpretation of what happened. If you had another interpretation surely you would have responded with that one?

  51. Those quotes actually do not preach 'acceptance" at all..THAT is what is "wrong" with that.

    And of course all religions hold the same self serving thought.
    But the original point of criticism is muslims call islam a religion of peace. This is simply on many levels provable to not be true.
    It's not true from the words of it's books, it is not true in action from day one. Where for instance christian prophets spread christianity for a couple of hundred years through preaching it's beliefs, Mohammed already spread islam through violence.
    And as we can see from the quotes, islam is drenched in talk of violence being the "defense" of choice.

  52. Yes, exactly, some of us take more facts into account than others do, and those facts remain that Qur'an always specifies that kind of attack to be physical. Nice loophole here :)

  53. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 16:18

    If that were the case, a big chunk of the middle east wouldn't be partying like it's 1300.

  54. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 16:20

    Does mutilation of female genitalia, execution of gay teenagers, burning of the American flag, decapitating westerners on TV, etc counts as bashing?

  55. All I have to say is that you should read this: and that: if you wanna know more about Muslims', including me, point of view on the topic. They cover pretty much everything I want to say in response to your comment above.

  56. Those are examples of violence for sure. But isn't bashing a more fierce/violent way of criticism? Burning the American flag is bashing because it includes an implication of violent criticism directed towards the US. The rest are just act of violence that don't necessarily include any form of criticism.

  57. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments there. The laziness is profound throughout, the only thing Perry seems to make any concerted effort with is pulling her usual 'the camera adores me' faces.

    What gets me here (as is previously noted down the page) is the whole mish mash of cultural references which seem to have zero relation to the context of the song. It all seems completely and utterly pointless to me.

    I really cannot wait until KC drops a new album as I am in need for not only some decent vocals and music but a video that is most importantly 'real'. I only wish such material would sell on its merits rather than because it 'looks pretty' or is controversial sexually....

  58. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 16:35

    I might be wrong, but I clearly remember reading passages in which Muhammad attributes the success of the developing Islamic empire to his terror campaign in Medina. (Bukhari 52:220)

    Also, a "convert or die" ultimatum is not much of a choice (lbn Ishaq/Hisham 959).

    But perhaps more telling of the whole philosophy is the quote: ”Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger…” (Sahih Muslim 5917)

  59. did she redeem herself? :)

  60. No luck of that happening lol Sasuke completely supressed Orochimaru, remember? haha ;D

  61. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 16:44

    LOL, I won't respond with you any further. Your infantile attempts at insults are baseless and supported only by what equate to yapping lap dogs.

  62. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 16:46

    Sewer rats are those filthy creatures that hide in the dark :) such as you and your fellow stans do.
    Just for the record, I don't eat. I survive solely on fury and outrageous beauty.

  63. Primo Uomo Assoluto4 March 2014 at 17:00

    I thought she did quite well :)
    I don't think Idina is the very best vocalist on Broadway or anything, but she is a good performer and a very decent singer.

  64. The first link speaks to after Mohammed, I spoke of Mohammed. I also spoke of the way islam was spread. Not about the forceful conversion to islam by individuals. Conquering a nation and making islamic law and beliefs the official law and beliefs of the land will also lead to the spread of that religion. One doesn't need to do it one individual at the time.

    " The first Umayyad caliph, Muawiya, appointed a general, Uqba bin Nafi,
    to conquer the North African coast from the Byzantines in the 660s.
    Again, without getting into the details of the tactics and battles,
    within the course of a few decades, Muslim control over North Africa was

    " In the early 700s, the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Spain and
    Portugal) was under the control of the Visigothic King Roderic. A
    nobleman from Iberia sent to the Muslim governor of North Africa,
    complaining about the oppressive and tyranical rule of Roderic. The
    nobleman promised to support a Muslim invasion against Roderic with his own troops if they intervened......Within months, Tariq’s army had defeated King Roderic and opened up the
    country to Muslim control. Within 3 years, the entire Iberian Peninsula
    was under Muslim control."

    " The reasons for Muslim invasion into the subcontinent were justified by the time period’s rules of warfare"

    These are all quotes from the link you posted. Stating islam was spread through military invasion...with the express purpose of spreading their religion.
    (Much btw like the US is doing these days to spread their religion of mammon. And nobody in his right mind, you have to admit, would call the US a "peaceful" nation)

  65. Aha, well please refer me to the bit where it speaks to cartoons in non islamic nations deserving physical violence and death threads! Like "one or two extremists" to the tune of hundreds of thousands(if not millions) called for.

  66. I totally expected that she would not perform very well because of her "looks" in the red carpet

    she looks stunning in this picture but if you watched the red carpet show, Idina looked pissed off and worried, her smiles were very fake thus there is a huge possibility she knew what was wrong maybe she didn't get to rehearse as much she wanted to. Also her face after the performance was not a pleasant one. Regardless of that, i love her, she's a great singer, and she looked stellar so i'll give her props.

  67. Gosh I miss that show...

  68. I cant really think of any modern pop vocalist that really ever display legato. Even when covers of songs that should be sung with it, its just not executed properly or at all. (The most notable main stream pop singers I can think of that embraced it was Barbra and Whitney on certain songs. I guess Beyoncé is capable of it if she desires. Its just a nostalgia now, unfortutly.

  69. She was redeemed. Yay Idina!

  70. Yes. Very much so.

  71. I want to address that the name-calling on this site has gotten out of hand.
    I would think that whoever put this blog up would want to keep this a respectful environment for comments and discussion. It should not matter who started the argument. Would you allow a 5 year-old to slap his brother just because his brother slapped him first? C'mon people, let's show some class here!

  72. Are you telling me to fresh up my own language? ._.

  73. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 20:30

    "So my family speaks it fluently... I speak it in translation to tagalog.

    What does that have to do with me being fluent in spanish or being able to translate spanish to english effectively?

    Ignorant comment 1"

    As stated I speak spanish fluently and learned spanish trough tagalog speakers... Fluent speaking really has nothing to do with the ability to translate to another language that I just learned or am learning" "fluently"

    Stop grasping to things because it's convenient for you. If you are going to TRY to use my quotes against me, try to read them to also understand it as well...

    its quite boring at this point...

    I expect to be in an interesting convo with a person who is past 50, I don't need an old lady to take me back to high school, just graduated 3 years ago...

    Originally Lieth said spanish was my mother language.... No.

    Originally the fluency that was questioned was my ability to translate spanish to english... No.

    This does not affect my fluency to speak spanish or translate it to tagalog. true.

    Read up and learn. fluent speakers can be fluent in a language isolating one, when a language has to be translated to a different language (not native language where originally learned they are not)

    I am fluent in spanish to speak to another spanish speaker or translate it to tagalog, However when speaking to english speakers and converting conversations or translating english to spanish i actually am not fluent.

    the question was not wether I spoke spanish fluently, it was that I was not "fluent" enough to the point I could not get help from the translation media.

    It is not about a quote months ago that stated i am fluent in spanish, it's leith question of my fluency in english to spanish.

    Sometimes you gta educate yourself on the matter and learn a few languages and maybe have a less ignorant point of view of what Multi language fluency is...

    Fluent- Able to express myself easily and articulately... yes in spanish or tagalog... I am fluent

    But then this is where you need to understand that I am not, If i try to translate your posts in spanish I can't. Therefore talking to leith in spanish with english vocabulary I am not fluent.

    If you don't get this then i don't know what to tell you, but go back to school... its never too "late" but in your case it kinda is. And probably the oldest ignorant person I know.

  74. It was painful to watch! It sounded really scratchy, kinda like nails down a chalkboard (just shivered a little). Now P!nk on the other!

  75. Goosebumps, awe, like a kid's first trip to Disney World! P!nk never ceases to blow my mind, especially live. She kicks ass, plain and simple! Slayed that song like it her life depended on it. I sooooo hope she releases that as a single or a promo, damn she's amazing. It's times like this that make me think all hope is not lost for pop music and pop singers.

  76. I expected so much from Miss Menzel... and I have to say, the execution of the song was sub-par. It may not have been her best put many factors would have played as to why her voice was so scratchy, out of tune (Who hasn't?), and the performance overall... stank. Even for a pristine, sharp vocalist such as Miss Menzel, her nerves must have gotten the best of her and... maybe too much rehearsal?

  77. Leo always gets snubbed! It's not fair! Especially losing to Matthew McConaughey (gag me), who I CAN...NOT...STAND! His only good movie was "A Time to Kill". And, open admission, Leo is my celebrity mancrush. This is way off topic, but I just had to comment.

  78. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:06

    Just weird how a hillbilly, ignorant, uncultured one language speaking troll did

    And YOU didn't.....

  79. No, originally you were criticized on your English by me because you kept arguing things which you were not understanding or didn't really know or were just plain wrong about and often making little sense in English.
    Then you, in a beside the point defense, claimed to be raised in a household speaking part Tagalog /part Spanish. To be part Spanish, to speak Spanish fluently and to be aware of your Spanish heritage.
    From this Leith (and I) naturally drew the conclusion that though born in the Phillipines, due to your family, Spanish was a mother tongue to you.
    So Leith decided to address you in Spanish. Your reply he surmised was not fluent Spanish at all but Spanish Google translated from whatever language you think in.

    The months ago quotes came into the conversation when you then decided to claim you "never said you speak Spanish fluently". I proved with quotes that you were lying.

    And to call us ignorant for drawing a very logical conclusion based on the "facts" you presented. I posted the quotes in order to show our conclusion was quite logical and rational.

    The rest is you trying to twist and turn around your proven lying and still win an argument you actually lost 4 months ago already.

    But what I indeed am ignorant on is where those rules are written you seem to think I promised to uphold? Those that say I,at 50, am not supposed to argue with 15 year olds. Nor with 23 year olds nor with 25 year olds.
    I am beginning to get curious what age bracket exactly I am supposed to be allowed to argue. I presume nobody older than me either seeing as then they are being in breach of those rules against arguing with someone younger.
    But since I would like to be clear..please refer me to where I can find both those rules and the place where I promised to uphold them. Thanks! :-)

  80. I believe Leo's time will come but it hasn't come yet. There have been thousands of actors/actresses, since the Academy Awards' inception, of whom have been nominated for an Oscar a number without ever having won. In Leo's case, although he is extremely talented, I believe the years he was nominated, other actors gave "much stronger" or "just as strong" performances.

    2004 - The Aviator: Jamie Foxx won for 'Ray' (I agree)
    2007 - Blood Diamond: Forest Whitaker won for 'The Last King Of Scotland' (I agree)
    2014 - T.W.O.W.S: Matthew McConaughey won for the 'Dallas Buyers Club' - (I DON'T agree; I think either Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bruce Dern or Leo should have won.


  81. Sweetie, you must have missed another few lessons in English. Notably the one where they explain the proper definition and use of "hillbilly", "ignorant", "cultured" and "troll".
    I have no idea why you did miss those lessons but I do know it wasn't because you were reading my replies to your baseless assumptions.
    Like I have stated earlier I speak two languages well and one a bit..just enough for the most basic conversation.... and a third I don't speak or write but do read and understand quite well.
    Again I am assuming it was you not reading rather than you once again posting a lie about me. Just because I am pleasant that way, I keep hoping the best against all evidence to the contrary. :-)

  82. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:30


    That is my reply to your never ending bull...

    I'm not getting paid to write.

  83. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:32

    Did the fat old lady sing yet?

  84. Also btw I just stated that I too could make little sense of your comment. Only enough to realize you were throwing some more agism and lies around about me. this time in a language you knew I don't understand.
    And the reason i did figure that much...because I am smart! LOL

  85. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:35

    It's like an elderly home... BORING.

    Your age is not the issue... Its how you act for your age.

    But seeing that I have to be the bigger person here, I'm going to actually start acting mine, since I can't rely on my elders...

  86. Oh my dear, she already sang 4 months ago for you. :-)

  87. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:37

    u may be the age of my favorite auntie, But why you calling me dear?

    May I ask politely m'am...

  88. Well, I am glad you are aware of the hypocrisy in your attempted application of some made up rules on how people of a given age are "supposed " to act.
    Does that mean you are going to move on from that 10 year old's mindset inspired ageism?
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next. :-)

  89. Because you are so utterly precious dear. :-)
    I mean trying to now use wordplay in English against me and thinking you could beat me at that. So cute!

  90. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:48

    on that same sentence after calling me ageist and a hypocrite you call me a 10 year old?? lol

    look it up "human psychology"

    there are actual guidelines to show what a normal human should be acting at a given age. Most importantly 50.

    #personality disorder

  91. And yet you bothered posting three more replies so far. :-)

    Thank heavens you are not getting paid to write. That would truly be a travesty.
    I guess that means though, no directions to that imaginary rule book and my supposed promise? Color me surprised.

  92. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:49

    Thank you Oldie.... I mean opie....

  93. Nicolet Foster4 March 2014 at 21:56

    I never said i won't reply...

    I am now just limiting myself.

    #get is straight.

  94. I'm gonna translate LITERALLY what you wrote to english.

    "She see drive and I don't know. any other way explain english.
    (*ellios*) think talk, with fluency spanish, because I have learnt of tagalog makes it the same to translate english spanish.
    (eh) needed explain to old ass it was its place and coments that had to translate so I for (*commincar*) with you from english (*ale*) español.
    (*deltearo en diffrente tagalog*)
    The *queen* really you ask me?"

    (words in between ** don't even exist in the spanish language)

    And, seriously, I hope you're not implying I need to improve my spanish. It's my freakin' mother tongue -_-


  95. #DEAD!!!!!!!!!! I choked on my is made worse because I was eating hot dogs...but shit this is funny. I wasn't even gonna comment but SHIT, my thoat, eyes and rubs are hurting. I'll be laughing for a good 15 minutes at that.

  96. Africa wasn't called Khemit, but Ancient Egypt originally called Kemet (well, Km.t)
    Maybe you were remembering something wrong?

  97. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 06:52

    Omg let's are get our pom poms and start cheering!!!!

    Give me an L, give me an A, give me an M, give me an E....

    What is Serene.... LAME.

  98. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 07:24

    ( stated the spelling is different but sounds the same) Fillipino translation in writing spelled a little different)

    Ellios- Ellos- they

    Queen- Que en- that

    El-eh- and

    Literally.... translates to.

    se es habla en los circulos

    ellos piensan tradición al tagaolog es la misma, que tradición en la ingles.

    explicar e este viejo culo, fueron so comentarios, que he traducido, en ingles, con el fin de comunicarme con usted.

    (This explains the translation and different spelling in tagalog translation, with similar vowels)

    So this proves my point...

    can't communicate with you using a tagalog structure translation because words and sentences are structured differently to how you structure it in english translation... EVEN though you are a spanish speaker with a different secondary language translation.

    If you expect me to speak in tagalog spanish translation, you would not understand because you don't know the structure of the tagalog language. So you gave me a hard time looking things up in spanish to english for the same reason why I can't communicate with you in a span-tag translation...

    It really is very simple explanation, it's really not rocket science.

  99. Hahaha oh look! it's the 'sophisticated, soulful queen" Ya know, the "cultured, sensitive" one

  100. LOL Nope, still stuck on the age thing and it's imaginary guidebook.

  101. You're welcome precious. Here's your birthday cake! :-)

  102. LOL I apologize Leith. Quick think happy thoughts!

  103. OMG

  104. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:10

    Taglog ka diba?

    Eh hindi niya alam na meztiza ako, kung taga filipinas ka alom mo na hindi aki nag iiingles...

    Tagtagalog ako at ang pamilya ko taga espania...

    Hindi naman ako nag siingualing, pero hindi maiisi mag ingles tapos mag translate sa espanol... Hindi nila alam na hindi maisi...

  105. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:14

    I NEVER needed translation to speak spanish.

    I need it to translate you, and Macabres posts to spanish to leith.

    stop being senile...

  106. Seren, I think he is referring to this seems it is actually being taught in some American schools.

  107. My second language is not english, it's catalan. And to translate from catalan to english I don't do catalan-spanish-english, but just catalan-english.

    That was my point from the very beggining: why did you do tagalog-english-spanish instead of just tagalog-spanish? And it was meant to be just a curiosity, polite question and you turned it into a flame -_-

  108. And to translate what you wanted to say to Leith in Spanish.
    Your most recent gibberish in Spanish was not quotes from Macabre and me.
    Besides that...unlike you, Leith reads and comprehends English just fine. Why would you translate our English to Spanish for him?

    Doll, what with the memory issues, lying in the face of evidence and lack of common sense...senility may come with age but stupid...that can come to any age. Own it Babes! :-)

  109. ahhhhh bakit kailangan mo mag translate ng english sa espanyol kung kaya mo naman magsalita ng espanyol? teka nalilito naren ako paki clarify naman lahat sakin.

  110. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:31

    Sorry I don't know the language. So i will need to educate myself to avoid making offensive comments about your language and culture.

    Leith the messages I had to translate was in english, nobody was speaking tagalog months ago and now.

    Speaking to you in spanish where you can understand is no problem for me, But you were asking em int he message (in spanish) what was offending or bothering me, in order for me to communicate the things said in english I had to look it up on spanish.

    I don't need to translate tagalog to english... I know how to translate.

    The reason why i translated english to spanish is because nobody else here was talking in tagalog, if everyone spoke tagalog then my spanish would be fluent. lol

  111. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:37

    refer and learn... Only you can educate yourself.

    Someone who speaks 3 languages should understand what I have been saying for 4 months...

  112. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:40

    Kasi nag ingles si Opie, Hindi ko alam ano sinabi nya sa espanol kay lieth.

    Hindi ako magaling mag translate sa ingles kung nag espanol ako...

    Do you get it?

  113. Josh, can you translate this into English for me please?

  114. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 08:46

    No but I was making a point how a translation from tagalog to spanish would make it still difficult to understand for a non tagalog spanish speaker.

    If evidence is so strong then why are you still trying to be right?

  115. Hon, I am not "trying", I am succeeding in showing you to be a liar. That is why you are now forced to twist and turn and compound lie upon lie.
    There seems to be no end to your lying nor your lack of common sense.
    There's also a lack of decency in talking about someone in their presence in a language you know they don't understand.

    I can see why that upsets you though, to be shown up like this. But seriously dear, had you just quietly let it go the moment you got caught...all this would have been forgotten about a minute after you were found out 4 months ago.

    I am going to do the humane thing here and end your suffering painlessly, I am going to move on and leave you to post your lies unchallenged.
    Because it struck me how in real life I would not actually give dim liars a second of my time. My bad I did waste all this time on such a one on the internet. I own that mistake! :-)

  116. LOL an article by some Wikipedia user excusing poor education and false claims of proficiency.
    I learned a lot.

  117. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 09:54

    And you rely on A NET source that says 10 percent of USA population are spanish speakers... lol

    Here are books that you need to consider getting.

    "English composition for multilingual speaker."

    "Multilingual the native speaker (SAGE)."

    "Multilingual in a monolingual society."

    If you don't want a net source read a book.

  118. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 09:59


    Oh, I'm sure you will be arguing with people you think are dumb, stupid, or liars in a few days to few weeks... You can't stay away from conversations that don't matter to you.

    Time will tell...

  119. Just to clarify for your poor reading skills...I meant those that combine the traits dim and stupid. But with a strong emphasis on liars. Of any IQ level. :-)

  120. Look, let's forget about it, it was a mistake to ask you something out of curiosity because I knew something like this would happen. Have a nice day.

  121. Yes, please, let's stop it. I accidentally started a stupid argument for a stupid reason, let's just let it be...

  122. @Leith @Josh Sensei
    I think it's time DD posts a new article. ;-)
    I sent him Anouk's new single for a possible review but it looks like it didn't strike his fancy. it is.
    I know Leith, you are not fond of Anouk but at least there's a handsome guy to look at. :-)

  123. Not sure why it says "pentagon" instead of Josh Sensei?

  124. Nicolet Foster5 March 2014 at 12:21

    You are the one confused with the explanation of language barriers and translation, then I give a very resourceful link and books to read on the matter...

    If I have reading issues because english is not my first language.

    Then what is your excuse?


  125. My bad, that should have been "combine dim and liar"

  126. it used to be my name Opie and you really know more than anyone here how "DisGust" can be.

    LOL the gaga!

  127. lol @Opie i just cant handle the gaga thing sorry. this make me laugh so hard i cry everytime

  128. Hahahahaha Thank heavens THAT is a statement so utterly unlikely to ever come from's not likely to confuse anybody.

    Anyway, it was weird because it did say "josh Sensei" already in the comment.
    But like you so..."Disqus(t)" can be really annoyingly screwed up.

  129. "what's your problem? maybe you dont really speak spanish. try to be honest with me. i wont judge you and i hope you will not be too aggressive"

    she then replied:

    " you are tagalog/filipino arent you? "Hindi nya" (im not sure whether it's leith or you so ill go with the both of you) They dont know im meztiza(have some spanish blood). if you are from the Philippines, you know that i dont speak english (i have to disagree because i know alot of filipino can speak english but i heard nicolet lived in spain? not sure)
    I speak tagalog and my family is from spain and i can speak spanish.
    im not lying but it's hard to speak in english then translate it to spanish. they just dont know how hard it is."

    im gonna leave that last sentence so there wont be a new fire :)))) i hope you understand but if you push me..... but dont lol

  130. LOL I totally get that. It's double comedy. The statement in itself and then the idea of me posting it on top of that.
    When everybody knows Christina is the new Monster Dominator. ;-)

  131. Thanks Josh. I see it really makes no difference does it, which language she writes?
    Anyway, I not going to bother with the content's obvious incorrect statements. Like I said, I wasted too much time on the kind of person I would not waste a minute on in real life.

  132. wow i surprisingly like that. that was actually really good. but i wished that the mix would be a bit more better because Anouk's voice and the melody was kinda overpowering each other, well at least to me that is how it sounded :)

  133. definitely. nicolet's responses can be "uncalled for.". but deep deep down in me i kinda understand why she comes off aggressive. i think she associated you guys with negativity over the time, since there are always argumentation, and nicki in a way felt that she needs to defend herself and throw knives. anyway maybe ignoring each other is the best but we all know one does not simply let go of this stuff because this can be amusing :}

  134. i have to say, it's fun being ratchet but yeah if we are really educated then we should really show our intelligence in a classy way and that to me is the the type of person we can truly call refined in the least

  135. For me, the only issue that I had was the stripper pole. She plays a powerful queen ruling over Egypt...until Juicy J comes in and then she's on a stripper pole. I guess women lose their power in the presence of powerful men? Nice message, Katy.

  136. Shut the fuck honestly we get it: YOU HATE CHRISTINA!! Just know in the end she will always be more talented and successful than you Latino cunt you
    will never reach her level. Though she's not as strong as before her previous work will always live on.
    You just like to stir the pot primo honestly your comments are just meaningless fuckery covered in technical shit.

  137. woah that is cool acutally. afrojack and david guetta worked on some projects like titanium. you should check him out, he makes sick beat one of the my fave is


  139. Sasuke is also currently lying dead on a battle field... ;D

  140. Indeed they will, and on any subject.(like justifying poor language skill for instance ;-D ).

    But of course in particular on the subject of why "their race" is the best or some "other race" the worst. :-(
    It's the age of the internet and guaranteed "B" in American can find a person with a title to back up the most inane theory.

  141. I'll give you those letters, however I won't give a single fuck.

  142. P!nk sounded nice, but the choppy phrasing made the song sound awkward.
    I think this just shows that P!nk is more of a niche singer, pop-rock is her home, vocally.

  143. We seem to agree again.

    Though you put it more succinctly. :-)

  144. I'd start with Sunday 8 pm myself. That album is on my top ten albums to take if you get stranded on a desert isle (which magically does have an endless supply of electricity LOL)

  145. Oh gosh, choosing 10 albums.. I have trouble picking which 3,000 songs I keep on my iPhone LOL. Although now I do feel the urge to make a top 10 for myself.

  146. LOL yes, it is a silly question which nevertheless always leads to one trying to compile that list.
    I would be curious to see what you come up with?
    And come to think of it, been a few years since I was asked the question. I should have a think myself, what that list would be today.

  147. My list (in no particular order) would be (and I sort of cheated, kinda, by one being a multiple album deal)

    Raising Sand- Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
    Sunday 8pm -Faithless
    Sheffield Steel - Joe Cocker
    The Beethoven Symphonies _ Karajan/Berliner
    Songbird - Barbra Streisand
    Two Highways - Alison Krauss
    The Dreaming - Kate bush
    The Kick Inside - Kate Bush
    Live At The gelredome - Anouk
    Este Mundo - Gypsy Kings

  148. Possibly though I might change The Dreaming for Heart of Saturday Night - Tom Waits.
    In fact....yeah, I would. :-)


  150. Is there something wrong with Fallon's recording equipment? Every singer singing on their has sounded thinner than usual.

  151. Speaking of stunning Oscar performances...

  152. Lmao you are so right there is no better description of @Primo Uomo Assoluto than cunt. That's what you are hun. You are a plague to this site. A disgusting cretin. So please be gone, because you are embarrassing to watch and no one likes you. BYE ox

  153. You are incorrect I am afraid, at least a couple of people here like Primo. One of them thinks he is humorous. That all his nasty words are "gay humor" we just don't understand. :-)

    ps no offence but much as I admit, I enjoyed them,I flagged both these comments for the use of the c word. It's such an ugly word.
    And I don't mean cretin. That one is one I rather enjoyed for the relative rarity with which it is used (and in this case imo so aptly too)

  154. So, you flagged a comment because you happened to see a word that you didn't like? LMFAO. You take things so unbelievably serious, it's quite comical really. Anyway, honey, don't you have a life? All I ever see is your 40+ year old, Lesbian ass on this site! Damn peado... Lol. Gaaawsh!

  155. Btw I also flagged your comment for calling me a "peado". :-)

  156. You have it the wrong way. I think the only way it is bad is a 15 arguing with a 40 year old. If age matters to your narrow-minded brain so much.

  157. Nicolet Foster6 March 2014 at 17:17

    You already did by coming for me when I didn't even ask for you...

    Last time I checked your name wasn't Opie.

  158. How could you not include me if there was a handsome guy involved? I'm hurt! LOL. Jokes aside. Not bad of a song but the guy isn't exactly handsome to me. :P

  159. LOL I apologize. It was just that you were not online at the time.

    Also, I wouldn't think him to be your type anyway.
    Plus, just joking of course. I don't think generally that guy would be called "handsome" by usual standards. As far as I can tell he strikes me as attractive to a great many people though?

  160. LOL Seren...

  161. Her responses are very much a "when you point fingers at someone, there are three pointing back at you" kind of situation, almost everything she says contradicts something she has said or has done LOL.

    Also, I'm working on that list of 10 albums, halfway there!

    As I'm deciding, I'm listening through the albums, which is a detour, but an enjoyable one :)

  162. Yes, I know. That's why I gave up on replying to her.

    Isn't that the fun of compiling such lists? :-)
    I listened to Joe Cocker as well as The Gypsy Kings last night.

    But now, just to distract you even more lol, I just found this video! Gorgeous!

  163. Funny how you throw Latino as a slur towards primohomme, considering that Christina is also a latina.

  164. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 March 2014 at 21:10

    Those poor creatures are hilarious. I was actually born in Europe, and I'm more ethnically Spaniard/French and Bosnian than full South American.

  165. P!nk's vocals were great, but I don't feel like she grappled enough with that song (the way she sang it, lack of emotion IMO)

    Her tone really isn't everyone's cup of tea and very unusual, but that's why I like it so much...

    Murica... Sad but true :/

  166. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 March 2014 at 21:20

    Barbra is another queen of legato, she learned from Judy! And Whitney learned from Barbra :)
    Mainstream pop singers...well, the only one who I think has shown very good legato is Celine Dion in "The first time ever I saw your face". Others who sing with great legato are not well known, or not well know in America.

  167. LOL No idea but they do seem to be possessed with a great fear of "40+". Probably because they have those set ideas in their heads about how you are supposed to live at "40+" . ;-)

  168. Oh no dude, I have no doubt you are followed by Christina stans. I also happen to think you court them to do so.
    I just took issue with you assuming all kinds of nonsensical things about them other than that they are christina stans and hate you. :-)
    Especially assumptions that included the use of people's sexuality, ethnicity or socio-economical status in a derogatory manner.

    But that they follow you and hate,no doubt about that one.

  169. I agree in a way but I don't agree with the lack of emotion. I would agree more with Primo in that it was a phrasing issue. Which does go to the way she grappled the song but not necessarily to lack of emotion I think. :-)

  170. I'm just referring to her ethnicity.

  171. I agree! I know some people like to rile others up, but for real?! 'Bitch,' 'whore,' 'fat,' and 'ugly' is the type of language that I'd expect from obnoxious, immature teenagers. Not from refined, educated musicians.

  172. I think he just uses a generic hd camera for the musical segments. Meaning no audio enhancement through special mics, preamps, or technicians....

  173. Not anymore, thanks to Kabuto :D

  174. Oh Celine, I don't know why I tend to forget her. But yes she has has shown great legato over the years

  175. Shouting and belting are different. It's amazing that people like you exist on DD who cannot differentiate between the two. Christina Aguilera is shouty. Idina Menzel belts with a piercing quality.

  176. When she needs to reach for high notes, she often needs to shout them. Hence why her voice cracked and scratched during her Let It Go performance; she had to punch the note out with startling similarity to the way Christina Aguilera needs to punch notes out, actually. Regardless of semantics her voice is unpleasantly strained when she belts, particularly when she belts up high, and it causes many problems from tone to pitch. Note the extent of damage she did to her voice during her Wicked run, evidenced by the huge difference in the sound of her voice between her Broadway run and her West End run. No need to quibble over semantics and wind up missing the bigger picture.

  177. I love her voice, and I love "Defying Gravity"and "Let it Go." It's too bad about her performance at the Oscars. I think John Travolta messing up her name ruined Idina's confidence. I think Idina is a strong belter, but I agree that she does not use enough of her mixed voice sometimes. It can result in a raspy, shouty, and unhealthy sound. Her voice has a nasal tinge, but I think that it is appropriate for her vocal style. In fact, I think her slightly nasal tone quality adds something dark and sinister to whatever song she sings. Usually, a nasal quality brightens up a song too much, but Idina can make her brassy voice seem eerie.

  178. What's wrong with all of you?!
    I was reading the comments and 80% of them is "I hate her voice" and "her voice is annoying".
    I personally love her voice even though sometimes it annoys me, but okay. I love christina too but she has that annoying trying-to-copy-Etta thing that anoys too....Everyone has sth perfect in his voice and sth less perfect.

  179. Yes, I remember him. I wasn't that much in-tune with that season of Sunday's Best but I do remember him and his voice. Thank you very much.

    As for my 'mix', I've been perfecting it for the past five years via. extensive vocal training and now I can belt a healthy, sustained, B5 with no problem at all and my falsetto can carry me as high as C7. (I'm 24). Essentially, my vocal teachers have told me that I'm actually a Leggero-Tenor with an incredibly adept counter-tenor extension however I often feel comfortable singing within the tessitura of Mezzo Soprano as opposed to a High Tenor's one which has perplexed them but to save my voice I tend to try in within my mid register as much as possible. Naturally, my voice just sits so high - my speaking voice is quite androgynous too. The only weak part of my voice is its lower register of course. A couple of years ago, I couldn't resonate properly below a G3 now I can go as low as D3 so it's improving. Could you listen to this and tell me what you think, it shows off my upper register and how comfortable I am around the F5 - G#5 region.

  180. Heard it already. When you posted that video I absolutely HAD to check out more of your videos. Your voice is INCREDIBLE. I believe if you'd go on The Voice or Sunday's Best you could EASILY win. I don't compliment people at that degree so willingly. The calibre of your voice is astronomical Cam. Seriously, you're one of the best male singers I've heard in a long time. And on this site, of all the people sing (and there's quit a few) I believe you have the best voice. Honestly, you're WAY TOO incredible it should almost be considered criminal lol Those F#5s were incredible. My god, your voice is something else entirely. That mix is just impossible dude, how do you do it??? Gosh you're phenomenal!

  181. Well, I had a feeling that you would probably go forth and listen to the others, it makes perfect sense that you would. All in all, oh my goodness - thank you so much! Your words means alot to me Sasuke.

    How do I do it? LOL. Well, it's a combination of having a naturally- light & agile, leggero, voice that allowed me to glide up to a full, chest-dominant, E5/F5 regardless and extensive vocal training in order to develop my mix that would allow my voice to sustain much higher notes; I was already able to access High- G/A naturals prior to my training but I couldn't sustain them, now I can. My voice is so unconventionally high for a Man, it's quite scary but I know that it is a GOD- GIVEN GIFT. I've been working on another Mariah Carey cover: 'Anytime You Need A Friend" - I sing it in the same key and hit the A6 whistle note (in my case, falsetto) at the end. Of course, I add my own flavor to it and show off my coloratura ability throughout. It's in the studio being mixed so I will upload in the next week or two. Right now, I have a range of D3 - D7.

    So, did you hear this cover also? LOL.

  182. Well it was instinctive, when you have a voice as great as yours it's almost hypnotic. I'm in awe at how well you sing, honestly. You're by all means correct: that IS a god given gift. There's so much anointing in your voice. You do Whitney utmost justice. I cannot numerically express the many many times I replayed your rendition of I Look To You. Your falsetto, your belting, your melisma...everything, it's unbelievable. Your talent is in a league of its own. Best rendition of that song since Whitney.
    And you're taking on Mariah? Well, it's not like it's a challenge, not for a voice like yours. I mean really? a 4 Octave range? Your talent is stellar. I'm so jealous haha. I don't know why I didn't subscribe a long time ago.

  183. Oh, I see now. Well, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't always appreciate 'the gift'. In all honesty, I can't tell you how many times I was made fun of (when I was in School) because of high my voice is/was Sasuke. My speaking voice was very androgynous back then and it still is, somewhat, though through my vocal training and post- puberty it has a more masculine ground to it. I use to hate how light/bright my voice was also; I wanted to have a full/rich- tenoral/baritonal sound and I'd pray on it too but I soon realized that God wasn't going to change anything, I needed to learn to love the GIFT he gave me and I have because it's RARE. That's why I've spent so long perfecting it. However, my true realization of the freak-of-nature talent I had came when I was 18 and I was still able to sing Mariah/Whitney songs is the same key... LOL. I've been thinking about auditioning for a talent show for years but I want to get signed the old-fashioned way, you know? If there's two artists I want to lead my career after, it would be Stevie Wonder's and/or Roberta Flack's - Me, my voice, real musical instruments, real lyrics, real artistry etc.

    I am really humbled by your words Brother, thank you so much. You're not the first person to say anything of the sort about my voice by far but I'm just so introverted naturally, I sometimes get embarrassed by praise.. Did you listen to my 'I Believe In You & Me' cover?

  184. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 March 2014 at 01:52

    Her vocal color is soprano. I don't hear mezzo at all. I would be interested to hear how far she can project the low notes without a microphone.

  185. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 March 2014 at 01:57

    Are you kidding me? Miley has not anything worth talking about musically speaking. In 5 years, if she's still around, she will be remembered for twerking, not her music. She is slightly better than Rihanna as an artist.

  186. An Italian Name For a Moron13 March 2014 at 02:10

    Her cover of Jolene was better than Dolly Parton's original version.

  187. Oh cool. I thought that was because of her youth. Her song "someone else", she sounds ridiculously bright on, in the studio. And what kind of soprano would she be, very low full-lyric?

  188. I love Idina Menzel. Her voice is so beautiful.

  189. Eva Cassidy did the best version of this (IMO). Pink was good though! Not a note out of tune I don't think?

    I adore Pink, but that song isn't quite her style. Good job though.

  190. kellyclarksonismygd16 March 2014 at 04:27

    Yes someone must update this. She hit a C7 on that performance and a C#7 (clear) in If I can't Have You.

  191. Her live voice is very average to me, I'm just not a fan of her tone I guess.

  192. She was Ill during that performance and didn't complete the show, do some research and then comment.

  193. If you did your research, you'd realize that it's actually difficult to find consistent performances from her.

  194. maybe it's lyrics LOL

  195. Yes well, one would certainly hope you understood your own comment. :-b
    Though ,in all honesty, it would not surprise me half the time you actually don't.

  196. Yup, she's so overrated. I can't stand her voice. And her Oscar performance was absolute trash.

  197. I think Idina's voice is an acquired taste. Personally , I love her voice ! She is one of the best belters out there and I just love that steeliness in her voice! The clarity and power of her belts is incredible. I also think her singing is quite emotive!! I believe that her TV performances (as well as her Oscars performance) definitely don't do her justice. It feels as if she's out of her comfort zone in such performances.

  198. Her whole voice sounds forced. And it sounds like she decides when to do a forced vibrato instead of just relaxing in to it…

  199. The problem I have with the word tendency is that by definition it's habitual and constant, and Kelly's intonation more times than not is actually very accurate and stable. But yes, I so agree with you. She has an awesome range, great tone with many different colours which plays an integral role in her being as versatile as she is. A voice that knows no boundaries. Such a talented woman.