Wednesday 23 April 2014

Did Shakira Lip-sync "Empire" @ The Voice (US)?

Shakira may not have the most conventional singing voice, but boy does she know how to put her unusual pipes to great use. Having occupied a judge's chair on The Voice (US) this season, it was finally the turn of the Colombian Diva to show America why she deserved to be critiquing other people's voices by performing her own song, Empire.

Strong sustained belts, various registers showcased, and a varied use of tones were all served up as the Diva breezed through the fiery performance. Not sure why she decided to even pretend she was singing the "Woowooo" part, or the bits with effects on the voice, but hey, the rest was pretty great, vocally.

However, the comments on the video- over at YouTube- are going in hard on the Diva and her apparent lipping of most of the performance. But what do you guys think? Was she miming the majority of the song, as well as the parts I noticed? I'm not overally familiar with Shakira's live voice, so hopefully you guys can get your Jessica Fletcher on, and let me know what you think.


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