Monday 19 May 2014

Katy Perry Celebrates fan's "Birthday" @ 2014 Billboard Music Awards

I'm convinced Katy Perry uses all the colours and visual aides to distract us from how basic she really is.

Singing Birthday- sure to be her next number 1- at the Billboard Awards, the Diva had a backing track so layered that I couldn't even tell when she was singing most of the time. Her dancing was also pretty listless; but the peppy attitude does wonders compensating for that. The Diva did manage to give us some good stuff, vocally, at the end of the song, though- so stay tuned for that!

As for the weirdness of bringing a minor onto a stage with pole dancing men and all this innuendo going on, I'm not even going to go there!



  1. review this

  2. Still not convinced if this was completely live. The 'ooo ooo' parts will always be lipped but I think some other portions were lipped too. But an overall improvement from The Voice debacle.

  3. Love it! But I don't like that she is facing away even after the performance was over. Very weird. Makes one think if she was even standing there in the first place.

    But bravo! This sounds awfully close to the studio version. And really dig the dancing girl. And its totally okay that she looks like Sia.

  4. Sia's most likely facing away because she's very I-want-my-music-heard-but-i-don't-wanna-be-famous as said in Billboard. So good on her with being unfazed by the fame game even with so many years in the biz.

    Her vocals sounded great, and it's a challenging song, so I'm not sure whether the vocal cracks are intentional or not, because it's very similar to her vocal style, but it added a lot to the song and she always sounds as good as the studio version, so that's pretty great.

  5. Girlfriend definitely had a strong backing track behind her, and I think it's pretty obvious by now that the chorus "oooh" will always be lipped. But you can definitely hear her live voice peek through and it sounds strong and confident, as a judge for The Voice should.

  6. This does NOT sound as good as the studio version. Her voice gives out on SO many notes here. I CRINGED watching this.

  7. There were lots of parts where she sounded very strong and she never sounded weak or like nerves were getting to her.

    I talked about the cracks and the imperfect inflections she had, but I thought they added to the performance tbh. If you listen to a lot of her past performances, they're pretty common for her, and I feel like it adds to the sad tone of her songs.