Friday 30 May 2014

Ten Reasons To Pick Up "Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse"

Mariah Carey is predicted to enter the Billboard album chart with her lowest opening figures, ever! We all know music doesn't shift like it used to, but a prediction of 55-60K is shocking for a musical A-lister like Mazza.

So, let me try doing my bit to push up sales with my top ten reasons to pick up Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.

Number Ten:#Beautiful.

The song that gave us hope that Mariah was moving forward with her sound, bringing it bang up to date. She never really followed through with the sound, but the duet is still as fresh as it was when it debuted last year.

Number Nine: The Holy Spirit! 

Mariah gives praise, more fervently so than ever before, on the obligatory non-secular track, Heavenly (No Ways Tired / Can't Give Up Now). Attempt to sing this at your own peril!

Number Eight: The joyous, retro "moments"

Disco-infused Meteorite and You Don't Know What To Do have been PLAYED.TO. DEATH since getting the album. Love them! Mariah better rock some choreography, I don't care how wooden she looks doing so, if when she gives these corkers the video/single treatment.

Number Seven: The Carey-Cannon family

The whole family get on the mic during the super sweet Supernatural. Make sure you don't flip over once the music has stopped, since the most touching moment comes when mother and daughter talk to one another after the track ends.

Number Five: Nostalgia Dahling/ Mellow vocals.

Mariah takes us back to the old school with Nas (Dedicated) and Stevie Wonder (Make It Look Good). For those who find Mariah's Diva vocals too excessive, these should be the go-to tracks for some restrained Mimi.

Number Six: Camouflage

There is something so perfect about this track. The vocals, the harmonies, the introspective lyrics and the piano combine to create a piece of music that throws light on all of Mariah's strengths. Non-fans and people distracted by her wacky image should listen to this to hear why I respect the Diva's skill in the studio (no shade).

Number Five: Cry.

The opening track is stunning, putting Mariah's voice on center stage from the outset. If she could nail this LIVE at some big event, it would single handedly increase albums sales. I guarantee it!

Number Four: Crazy melisma.

I know melisma should seem like a given with a Mariah album, but she has really stepped it up here. Good luck trying to recreate these riffs and runs in the shower!

Number Three: High Notes:

Whistles, Whistles everywhere! Seriously, they feature HEAVILY on this album.

Number Two: The VOICE!

The voice might not be as immaculate in tone, timbre and texture; but no one who listens to this album can fail to take note of how it's increased in agility and ability. Still one of the best vocalists out there.


Let me know your  own reasons as to why others should pick up Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse in the comments below!



  2. thedigblackbick30 May 2014 at 23:48

    DD, I praise you for this. you converted one of my friends. This album is giving me life!

  3. I freaking adore this album, just listened to it for the first time today (I had it ordered but just couldn't wait) and its the dogs bollocks! Glad to finally hear it all, been waiting what feels like eternity lol

  4. Says something about your taste in music.

  5. Thank you :) Good to be chatting to everyone again! I missed it...

  6. 10, 8, and 5 are on point. There's two "weak" songs at best, and when the moments are good, they slay.

  7. You lot too :)

  8. This album has been in rotation for the past few days since most of the other songs available are pretty much crap.

  9. BAHAHA Your gifs <3 The new years gif and the gif of her performing Honey are why I love her: she's always entertaining and sometimes she's a hot mess.

  10. Mwahaha, I regained access to my account and I finally can post as myself! :D Okay, laughs aside. I have seen many Mariah's fans asking on her Facebook fan page to release "You Don't Know What to Do" as a single and I can't afford not to agree with them! This song is extremely catchy and the tune gets remembered quickly - and I think most of the greatest hits are those that get stuck in the heads easily. That songs has a potential to score her nineteenth Billboard no.1. I wonder if her management or herself will take those advices into account, I really hope so. Her voice deserves to be as successful as other voices out there that are at best half as talented. :)

  11. not her best work
    but seriously its mariah - i still am flabbergasted that some people would rather buy shit like miley cyrus and katy perry over mariah's stuff

  12. Primo Uomo Assoluto31 May 2014 at 15:16

    I think is her best work in 10 years and went and bought it as physical copy @ Target for the extra tracks :)