Friday 20 June 2014

[Vocal Profile] Amerie

Vocal Type:Light Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range:3 octaves C#3-C#6
Vocal Pluses: Amerie possesses not only a highly emotive voice, but demonstrates a versatility in tone, timbre and colour not often displayed by the average RnB singer.

The lower range of the voice is where Amerie struggles, displaying a tone which can not only sound unhealthy, flat and unsupported, but can also sometimes be abrasive to the ear- depending on the context of the material she is singing. For example, All I Have's softer and generally more pleasing delivery contrasts greatly to Dangerous, where the more serrated edge to the voice can be less so.

Within the mid-range the tone lifts and the timbre intensifies into a far more pleasing sound. This area is generally well supported and the tone is exceptionally cleaner right up to a D5- evident in such songs as That’s What U R, where a sweeter, more sensual tone is displayed. The chest voice is incredibly versatile, and has evolved from her debut album- where it was significantly cleaner- to now, where it has a more prominent rasp, giving the voice a distinctive sound.

The head voice itself is also extremely versatile, extending right up to the C#6 demonstrated in All I Have, where the notes display a purity rare in her later works. Whether this is due to artistic choice or changes to the voice itself remains debatable. The head voice is known to start as low as the E5 region, with the tone and incisive nature of the range becoming more prominent the higher she ascends.

Overall Amerie has displayed impressive versatility with the material she produces. For instance she demonstrates aggressiveness in Dangerous and Higher; plays the seductress in That’s What U R; shows innocence and purity in All I Have; and steely excitement in single 1 Thing. Proficient technically, clean staccatos and trills are taken with great ease and an ability to alter the tone and timbre within the space of a lyric is often adopted in an artistic and complimentary manner.

Vocal Negatives:The voice itself, whilst technically sound in the midrange and head voice, can sound somewhat strained due to the rasp sometimes adopted. The lower region, as noted, can sound
unhealthy and displeasing to the ear. It’s also worth noting that whilst Amerie can belt it is often done so in a manner which can sound unnatural and distracting to the lyrical message of the material.

Massive props go to Stuey for putting this together!! Big hugs to you!


  1. I love Amerie! Her voice and musicality is so underrated it kills me,  she has such an amazing versatility. One minute she can sound gravely then within the same lyric she can cleanse the tone in her voice sounding pure and fresh. Another thing worth noting is her trills and staccatos are always spot on. She also has a beautiful head voice! The only negatives I would say is sometimes her rasp can sound at times strained along with the occasional belts. Also her lower registers are slightly weaker and tend to be much less laboured.

    Her pliability as an artist is also commendable, she produces and writes most of her own material and sets her own trends and keeps it new with each album. She has yet to release a dud album and her upcoming one (Cymatika Vol. 1) has me waiting with more than eager anticipation. Even although I know she is going down the electronic route I know for a fact that she is more than innovative enough to make it sound fresh and new.

    She has that rare kind of soprano that you dont hear very often. She can mix it all up ie. seductive 'Thats What U R', agressive 'Higher', gentle vulnerability 'All I Have' and can emulate pure excitement '1 thing'! I urge anyone who cares to keep their music classy to check out Ameries work! Well worth it!

  2. She can hit it, but it doesnt mean it sounds pleasant. 

  3. Ooooooh a new song *drools*

  4. Isn't she a Mezzo?

  5. simon van steenbergen12 May 2013 at 20:09

    I just made a vid with Amerie showing off her headvoice above the soprano c.

  6. I think this vocal profile is spot on. She is weak in some areas, but her voice is very distinct and fierce. Amerie is a very underrated artists, and she is very pretty. She is my top 5 as far as all around female vocalist. It's a shame she is so overlooked as creative and talented as she is, this is most likely due to poor marketing.

  7. Definitely a soprano.