Tuesday 12 August 2014

[Review] Ariana Grande - "Best Mistake"

Ariana Grande has released a third song from her sophomore album, My Everything.

The Big Sean assisted Best Mistake is a piano-driven, merry-go-round of a love song that finally offers Ariana's light voice an opportunity to shine, without the production overpowering it- as was the case in both Break Free and Bang Bang.

Unfortunately, she doesn't use this opportunity in the best way, with the vocal being delivered almost entirely in first gear. High falsettos and big belts wouldn't really have worked with the laid back, slightly dark, Key Wane production, but it still would have been nice to hear a little more life in the vocal. However, her voice was sympathetic to the production, so at least Best Mistake shows us the Diva isn't always about the flair, being able to reign it in when necessary.

I enjoyed this change of pace from Ariana, and it's doubly great to hear one of the songs she helped pen. Not sure about it as a single though.

Rating: B-


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