Monday 29 September 2014

Are You Musically Tone Deaf? Take This Test And Find Out!

I am not tone deaf!

Have you ever wondered how accurate your ability to distinguish between pitches is? Well wonder no more and take this simple quiz at to find out. (Don't worry, no login whatsoever is required.)

This is a pretty basic test, so don't expect to be taxed AT ALL. It consists of three parts: the first asking you to judge whether two notes are the same or different; the second asking you to judge whether the notes are sliding up or down; and lastly, you are made to judge if one note is higher or lower than the next.

Thank the Lord I scored 100% - anything else and I may have had to question my ability to blog! However, I won't adding this accomplishment to my curriculum vitae anytime soon. I'm sure anyone who isn't tone deaf will score top marks.

If you have five minutes to waste, have a pop at it.

How Did You Score?

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