Monday 22 September 2014

Introducing Jo Hamilton ( I Love This Diva)

I'm a big Jo Hamilton fan, so I'm wondering why I've never featured her on the blog before.

I think my thought process behind this travesty was that I discovered her a while after her first album had been released. Thus, I must have been waiting for some new material from the singer-songwriter to showcase to all of you. However, somehow I missed the release of the video for song Think Of Me back in February, and so a perfect opportunity to create a post slipped by.

Anywho, I went to see this Diva last weekend in London, and was blown away. The control this lady has over her voice is phenomenal, and it's tragic she doesn't get more attention because her music is also beautiful. So let me not waste any more time and FINALLY get to presenting some of Jo's music to you.

Firstly, check out her last single, the dreamy, lullaby-esque Think Of Me. Then take a listen to one of my favorite songs from the Diva: Deeper. I absolutely love the build-up of the song, and listening to her voice soar higher and higher, and her tone solidify as the song crests. This multi-instrumenalist has one resonant belt.

To those wanting to hear how she sings live, check out the third video, for song Liathach. It contains a pastiche of performances that should give you a taster of the Diva's live voice. It's weird to say, but she sounds even more magical in person.

If you like what you hear, please consider purchasing her album, Gowns.


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