Monday 1 September 2014

[Listen] New Adele Music Leaks Onto The Internet

To those jonesing for some new Adele, the universe has been kind enough to have two unreleased songs from the Diva leak onto the internet. GO UNIVERSE!

Initially I was getting misinformation saying new music had been leaked, and, on listening was left worried by the slightly repetitive -when compared to her catalouge- offerings. But on finding out the tracks are actually leftovers, I'm hearing them differently and less critically. Basically I'm enjoying them as underdeveloped, demo-y tracks. After all, they were left off of a previous album for a reason.

In saying that, I'm still side-eying some other artists after comparing what gets left on the cutting room floor of an Adele LP to what they actually put out as official releases. #DoBetterPeople!

Take a listen to You'll Never See Me Againn and Never Gonna Leave You


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