Sunday 5 October 2014

Mariah Carey Covers Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain", Hints At Nick Cannon's Infidelity

Mariah Carey's on tour!

It only started a few days ago, but already Mariah is apparently spilling the Tea on her marriage. Covering Billie Holiday's Don't Explain in Japan, the Diva slipped in the line: "I know you cheated m**herf**er". It was done in such a way that I'm not sure if anyone in the audience even caught the dig.

Now I know that line isn't from the original Billie Holiday arrangement, so was Mariah taking a jab at her estranged husband, Nick Cannon? He has denied infidelity previously, thus it could be within the realms of possibility that the Diva was having a little fun with the song. However, that seems unlikely to me.

On a side note, some have emailed to ask why I haven't dragged Mariah for the vocals demonstrated thus far on the tour? The simple reason is, I'm not going to kick someone when they're already down.

Now I'd only assumed that Mariah wasn't coping with the failures in her professional and personal life before watching this video, despite the brave face she's shown to the media. However,the monologue at the start of the performance affirms to me she's not coping so well. That spark the Diva usually exhibits when having one of her "moments" on stage wasn't there, and she sounded sad and defeated. It was actually hard for me to hear.

How did things go wrong so fast.


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