Tuesday 21 October 2014

Singing Nun Covers Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'

You best believe I'm not wasting time capping an image of this video.

Say what?! I know, right! A lady of the cloth covering the Queen of Darkness' iconic hit just sounds wrong in every way! But wait, it actually kinda works- though admittedly in a creepy, strange way- if we imagine the touching part to be a metaphor of the spiritual sort and not a physical kind.

That checks out, right? I don't know. What I do know is, the song turned out better than I thought it would- thanks in large part to the dramatic overhaul in its production. That's not to say I'll ever listen to it again, but I can appreciate the risk Sister Cristina took reworking an intrinsically smutty song. I just wish her team had the balls to rock the boat fully and leave open the comments section on the video. Now that would have been a depressingly entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

It looks like the world hasn't quite seen the last of The Voice Italy's singing nun just yet*. However, you can rest assured it'll be the last time she pops up on this site. That is unless she decides to cover Rihanna's Pour It Up. Then all bets are off.

*I just found out she won the show!! Jeez.


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