Monday 20 October 2014

[Watch] Mariah Carey Practices Whistle Notes During Show Warm Up

Ever wondered how, or if even, Mariah Carey bothers warming up her voice anymore? Well the Diva's latest Instagram shines a little light on that very subject, today.

Sure, her practicing whistle notes with a bong humidifier looks more like a case of showing she still has it than being any real warm up, but who am I to argue with the clip's caption: "Cleaning and warming up my voice  #TheElusiveChanteuseShow". (I'll just assume all the "warming up" with scales and such took place pre-clip and this was the "cleaning" part.)

Could it be that the negative backlash her early shows garnered has encouraged the Diva to finally start taking better care of her instrument? This could account for the improvement in its quality as the tour has proceeded. However, it could be just as likely Mariah has always done this routine pre-show, and it's merely the vigours of touring that have strengthened the vocal chords.

Whatever the case, it's fascinating to hear/see a little more of what Mariah does, behind the scenes, to get her voice stage-ready. Now show us what your chest voice can do!

Cleaning and warming up my voice 🎤 #TheElusiveChanteuseShow

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