Thursday 27 November 2014

[Improvement] Mariah Carey Delivers Best "Emotions" Performance Of The Elusive Chanteuse Tour

Mariah Carey's The Elusive Chanteuse tour has officially ended. Though it started off rocky, vocally speaking, the Diva's voice has seen consistent improvements as she's crossed off the dates on her Hello Kitty calender.

Just check out her last performance of the range-y Emotions, filmed at Sirromet Wines in Brisbane. Not only is she hitting chest notes with better quality to them, but she's also showing vast improvements in stamina, being able to hold notes again more comfortably. The MTV Unplugged intro suggests she too has noticed the changes, being brave enough to at least attempt a part of that iconic rendition.

It ain't '90's Mariah, but anyone expecting that is either a fool or smoking something they shouldn't be(!)

[Contrast] The rendition of Emotions from her first concert date, in Tokyo, a month earlier


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