Thursday 6 November 2014

Ariana Grande Takes Wrong Turning At Albuquerque, Ends Up @ 2014 CMAs

Did Ariana Grande take notice of Taylor Swift's gargantuan - by comparison to everyone else in 2014- first week sales ? That's the only reason I can think of as to why she popped up at the 2014 Country Music Awards to duet with Little Big Town. Someone's eyeing up that that Country cash!

Just as strange as the pairing was Ariana's decision to promote Jessie J's Bang Bang. Ariana, you have a whole album's worth of material, why couldn't you have picked a track more in tune with the audience to whom you were singing to. Sure, nothing on My Everything quite matches the tone set by LBT's Day Drinking, but at least it would have been your own material getting a little love.

Aside from that, this appearance at the CMAs would have been the perfect opportunity/ excuse for Ariana to show some versatility- musically and with her attire. Sure, she sounded good, but the insertion of her part felt like a ctrl+v job, despite the percussion players doing their best to bridge the musical gap. The lack of chemistry didn't help things either.

Here's hoping  LBT will return the favor and do a walk on next time Ariana performs at the Teen Choice awards. Synergy ftw!


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