Wednesday 5 November 2014

FKA Twigs Gifts Magical Performance of "Two Weeks" To The Tonight Show

The more live performances I watch of this Diva, the more I fall in love with her. And the rendition of Two Weeks she brought to The Tonight Show did nothing to buck this trend.

With two pieces of cloth and a rabble of fans (of the wind generating kind), FKA Twigs gave a simple but effective show that had my eyes glued to the screen from the get go. I'd like to imagine that the two wafting pieces of material were the physical representation of the sexually charged lyrics, but who knows, I may be reading too much into it. Either way, mien ears and eyes thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you haven't 4 minutes - because I know y'all are busy folks- to watch, take a look at this (shorter) fan made video entitled "How to pick up a microphone FKA twigs style". I shall now be picking everything up off the floor in a similar fashion.

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