Wednesday 12 November 2014

Rihanna Stuns At The 2014 concert for Valor

 It feels like an age since I last saw Rihanna perform live. I know she's been touring and has been constantly on stage somewhere in the world, but I've never felt the desire to check out those fan-made videos. As such, I really enjoyed watching her at the The concert for Valor.

The Diva opened her set with Diamonds- Sia's accountant must have been rubbing his hands with glee watching this concert. What we all look for with this song is whether Rihanna hits that D5 in the song's climax. She does not, here. However, her belts are sounding strong, being supported and well projected. She looks like she gets caught up with the music at that point anyway, throwing in some unusually good, and in tune, melisma and head notes, So I didn't actually feel shortchanged after watching.

The second song was Stay. To be fair, I think this track is mostly within her range, and as such, she never has any real problems tackling it. She did change up the climax of the song, but once again she compensated with some interesting vocal runs. Could this be a sign of the Diva developing some musicality? Hopefully R8 will reveal this to be the case. Regardless, her voice sounded pretty healthy throughout, which is a good sign, though the fifth octave belting remains an issue.

Finally, came Monster and I switched off. I'm not here for that song or Eminem.

But what did you guys think! Let me know....


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