Tuesday 24 February 2015

Rihanna Demos Continued Vocal growth on "Towards The Sun"

On hearing the head-tones in the opening of Towards The Sun, I was convinced that this song, taken from the soundtrack of Home, must have been from some other Diva also going by the name "Rihanna". After all, when had we ever heard "our" Rih sounding like this in her decade-long career.

It wasn't until the song moved past the intro, and into the verse, that Rihanna's familiar tone became apparent and my mouth was justified in dropping. Ultimately, this song- which I haven't had enough time to even decide if I like- leaves me wondering what other growth has been achieved by the Diva, on the vocal front. FourFiveSeconds already showed that her tone has become more fluid, but now we have evidence that her head-voice has also been improved upon.

Roll on #R8! I'm genuinely unsure of what to expect, but am excited to find out what other tricks the Diva has up her sleeve!!


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