Thursday 26 February 2015

[Watch] All 2015 Brit Award Performances

Rather than review (and watch) each 2015 Brit Award performance, I'm going to post them all here for your immediate consumption. I did consider waiting till I had the time to watch them, but I think by the time I do that, the effort wouldn't have been worth the delay!

And since the organisers have done the greatest thing ever by uploading each performance to their YouTube page, I'm embedding ALL of them- not just those by our Divas. Seriously, you don't understand how much easier it makes a blogger's life when you don't have to search for bootleg uploads to embed.

The Divas:
Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Paloma Faith- Only Love Can Hurt Like This

Madonna- Living For Love

The Fellas:
Sam Smith- Lay Me Down

Royal Blood- Figure It Out

Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream

Take That - Let In The Sun

Kanye West- All Day


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