Monday 9 February 2015

[Watch] Sia Swings From The "Chandelier" with 2015 Grammy Performance

Sia , Maddie Ziegler Kristen Wiig  grammy

Sia brought a variation of her Chandelier routine to this year's Grammy Awards.Still facing away from the crowd, and with Maddie Ziegler in tow, a change was introduced via the addition of a third dancer, Kristen Wiig...and a shiny new set blonde wigs.

As a majority have probably already seen the original routine for the song, both in its official video format and performed live at various places, it was a smart move from Sia to embellish upon that (very solid) foundation come the Grammys. After all, this is the generation of novelty. So to have not added something new would have had the masses sighing and saying "not this again", instead of focusing on the performance at hand. (Trust me, if Pink can suffer that line of stupidity for her repeated, impressively athletic live renditions of Try, it could happen to Sia.)

Regardless, it was an enjoyable rendition and the first to not have me questioning whether the entirety of the Diva's vocals were live.


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