Monday 30 March 2015

[Watch] Madonna Belts Out "Ghosttown" With T-Swift @ 2015 iHeart Awards

Madonna left the cape at home for her performance at the iHeart Music Awards yesterday. Instead she chose to accessorise with perhaps the biggest pop star in the world: Taylor Swift. (If you don't believe that she was just a prop, peep the extra guitarist on stage, despite there only being one playing on the track.) Whatever the case, it was definitely a less painful way of generating publicity.

Singing Ghosttown, The Queen Of Pop showed all that her new album, Rebel Heart, isn't just filled with uptempo fluff. There be also depth and introspection in these here parts, too. It was a rendition that left little space for the Diva's voice to hide. Sure, she was wobbly in parts, but her lower register was given a rare chance to shine, which I enjoyed.

Lower registers ftw!


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