Thursday 30 April 2015

Michelle Williams Keeps Bringing The Goodness With "Believe In Me"

The only member of Destiny's Child that ever mattered has given us another slice of her uplifting pie! YAAS!!!!! *Begins involuntarily pulsating with the Holy Spirit*

Michelle Williams' third single from gospel album, Journey to Freedom, continues to valiantly fight the good fight, being a rare ray of Godly light in this evil and sinful world. Sure, Believe In Me is more personal a tale than out and out, in yo' face praising . But we all know where this inner strength is being sourced from, so it's all.... GOOD(!)

Get into it. REJOICE IN THE SALVATION MICHELLE HAS FOUND IN HERSELF. Perhaps you can find it too! I think it's somewhere near the hippocampus. Let me know if you get a more accurate location.


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