Monday 13 April 2015

[Revealed] Album Art For Mariah Carey's "#1 To Infinity" Revealed

#1 To Infinity.

In what was a pretty successful internet campaign yesterday, Mariah Carey teased fans over the course of the day with a bit by bit release of her newest album cover. To help get the word out, the image was revealed swifter to those who shared the news via social media. A tact that lead to #RevealMariah trending periodically throughout the day. How's that for relevancy!

Unlike me, who was having fun messaging friends and leaving comments in the Free For All Friday post in anticipation of the full reveal, you guys can see the whole thing today without delay.

So behold, the cover for #1 To Infinity.

(Yep, I stupidly made the gif go the wrong way. The colour image is the new one!)


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