Thursday 16 April 2015

[New Music] JoJo - "Far From Heaven"

New music from vocal beast, JoJo.

Far From Heaven is a piano propelled ballad that sees the Diva leaving the RnB pond she's been frolicking in for the longest time for more adult contemporary waters. How did I come to that opinion? Well, I can hear Adele singing a song like this for one, which to me is enough of a reason to put it in that genre. (Scientific, I know!)

So could it mean JoJo is positioning herself for a different market with this new album? Who knows!  Far From Heaven remains an enjoyable number, regardless. And even though it finds her voice lighter and less "show-y" than ever, it still manages to illustrate why many consider the 24-year-old a grade A vocalist.

Take a listen:


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