Wednesday 27 May 2015

[Full Set] Taylor Swift @ Radio 1's Big Weekend 2015

Initially I thought to myself: Taylor Swift at a festival!? How is she not going to get booed (and quite possibly bottled) off the stage? But then I remembered, this is a festival being put on by Radio 1....say no more, right?

Bringing a little bit of that LA glamour to the decidedly unglamorous Norwich, Taylor performed three songs- not sure if there were more that just didn't feature in this video- to the hyped crowd of teenagers. There was a heavy backing track for as far as the ear could hear, so no real vocal moments to speak on. And the choreography and staging was non-existent, so also nothing really to touch upon on that front either.

Still, the audience clearly loved Tay and the material. That's all that matters.


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