Wednesday 27 May 2015

[Music Video] Dawn Richard - "Titans x James Dean"

This ain't Tumblr, but you better believe I'm going to be doing a post titled:"[Dawn Richard] Top 10 Dance Moves That Slayed My Existence" at some point soon. This post will consist solely of GIFs and you will deal or die!

Seriously though, I can't fathom how an independent artist like Dawn is managing to maintain this level of quality- both visually and musically- without the support of a major label. Perhaps it's because of this freedom she has been able to keep innovating and pushing forward. Whatever the case, Titans x James Dean has arrived on Vevo and it's another win for the Blackheart era.

Anyone who tells me this Diva isn't influenced by Bjork is going to get a throat punch! I can hear and see her fingerprints all over this particular song/video. And that's no bad thing.


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