Sunday 3 May 2015

[Vocal Profile] Anouk


Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range:G#2-A5 3 octaves and a semi-tone
Whistle Register: No
Tessitura: D4-D5
Vocal Pluses: A dark, warm and dense voice comfortable singing at small, medium to medium-large sizes. The voice is well connected in all of the range.

The lower register is dark, dense and colorful. It can extend down to G#2 [Down and Dirty](possible even lower, as it has been claimed she's pitched an F#2). The lower register can be projected down to F#3 without problem and can be quite androgynous [ Any Younger].

The lower middle register is naturally dark with high density but light weight. She has shown the capacity to sing with near androgyny in this region [Save Me].  However, she can ditch the darkness for a brighter, lighter half voice, which has shown great ease well above C#5 in songs such as Rules, and Pretending as Always. The voice can be projected into a very solid mid belt as early as F#4.

The upper middle is achieved by either belting in the mask, singing in half voice or by a very forward Head Tone. The voice loses all traces of androgyny and gains brightness. It is most comfortable and resonant at D5 as can be heard in If I Go, Woman, and 8 years.  Still though, the upper middle is smart and can be carried up to F#5 with brief and resonant peaks, smart phrasing, all while belting. She has shown equal capacity in singing with a half voice or a head tone in this region [Faith In my Moon].

The upper register extends up to A5 live. She often aims for a light half voice or a heady belt. Her highest live and studio belt is in Killer Bee.  She has shown another heady G5 belt live on the song Modern World.

Vocal Negatives:Sometimes the grit of the upper middle can be overbearing considering how light the voice is overall.

All glory to Montrez Rambo for compiling the profile and the video!

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