Wednesday 17 June 2015

[Discuss] Favourite Part of A Vocal Range?

This is a toughy, I know.

Each part of the range has its pluses and negatives. Not only that, but they also sound different depending on the singer. But in general, what part of the voice do you find yourself most easily impressed by?

When I was young, I have to admit the super high, whistle notes were magical to me. However, as I've aged- like fine wine, I might add- a good lower register is what currently impresses me most. I think the logic behind this switch is bound up somewhat in the expectation that women are meant to have a higher voice, just by virtue of their sex. But when I hear someone hitting notes that I can just about manage, it kind of blows my mind. Especially when they're then going on to belt a whole octave above me!

But how bout you guys? What part of a singer's range does things to you? Vote and comment (with examples if possible), below.


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