Tuesday 2 June 2015

[Music Video] Mariah Carey - "Infinity"

The snark was ready and primed for this post. The connection between the video being sooo late and Jermiane Dupri's comment that Mariah Carey "doesn't take her career as seriously as she should" was in the barrel, ready for discharge. But you know what? I actually like the visuals the Diva has come with for latest single Infinity.

They're not revolutionary, and they are late to the party, but they work for the song and the point at which Mariah now finds herself: Single and ready to mingle, dahlings! They also do one more magical thing. They make her Vegas residency look a glamorous and triumphant move, helping to counter the damaging slant that this is another faltering Diva being put out to pasture in the Nevada desert.

And that is an important distinction to get across if the Diva ever hopes for a return to prominence.


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