Wednesday 23 September 2015

[Album Discussion] Lana Del Rey- "Honeymoon" / Leona Lewis- "I Am"

Two of our Divas have released new albums in quick succession. When it rains it pours!

First we had Leona Lewis' I Am, which was released on the 11th of September. It didn't exactly make a big splash, charting not so great in the UK(#12) or the US (#38)- though she smartly remains pragmatic about this. Now this week sees Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon drop, with predicted sales of 100k and a Billboard album chart position of #2. Not bad!

Currently, Lana's latest effort holds an album best of 79/100 on Metacritic. But worryingly for Leona, her LP- which has been out longer than Lana's- doesn't have an entry on the review agitator. (Does this say something about her current relevancy?)  Digital spy, who were the first site linked under a "Leona Lewis I Am review" search, did give it 4/5 though. So that's something.

Still, numbers (sales and review ratings) don't mean anything when it comes to our likes and feelings. So what do you lot think about these albums? Are they personal bests, or depressingly disappointing?


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