Friday 23 October 2015

[First Impressions] Adele - "Hello"

Adele has gone and done a sneak attack, dropping a new song, and its video, without any (bar that advert during the X-Factor) fanfair.

Taken from the November-due album 25, Hello finds Adele where we left her last time: giving us angina-inducing heartbreak. So all of you currently going through something similar, say "Hello" to your soundtrack to that.

First impressions (literally) are that Hello is a little heavy on chorus- something not helped by it being doubled up each time. That's going to be great for those who fall hard for it. But for me, it made it all a little repetitive.

Adele's voice sounds top-notch though, with displays of booming mid-belt and sweet head-voice. Her dynamics are also great, rising and falling sympathetically with the backing. She just better be on top of her technique, as the chorus sounds like something that could play havoc on an unprepared voice.

Hello is beautiful, and it definitely gives the people more of what they want. I'm just not sure it's what I wanted....


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