Saturday 31 October 2015

[Open-ish Post] Where All The Halloween Songs Be At?

For real- where are they?! Divas love to put out festive music, chasing that All I Want For Christmas yearly yield, but when it comes to this spookiest of occasions, they're paying it dust! For shame!

Is it really too much to ask for some melismamatic wailing to go with my pentagrams and rituals?! I certainly think not! #seething.

Well, I'm still going to get into the spirit by putting up a post that is related to the day. Check out Alyssa Edwards being given a "spooky-kooky" Halloween makeover from drag sister Sharon Needles. And in the comments, let's talk about the holiday: you know, what ya wearing/doing, horror stories, scary songs and who/or what you be summoning today.

I am here for it alllll!

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