Friday 2 October 2015

[Vocal Profile] Norah Jones

Norah Jones

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: A2 - E5 - B5 (3 octaves and a major second)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses:Norah Jones possesses a soothing, breathy and husky tonality that has become her signature vocal trait over the years. Although with this natural tone, she’s able to play with dynamics, going from a quieter sound to a louder one, easily [Nightingale]. The Diva is capable of melisma, if wanted, but it isn't often employed due to the genres she favours

Norah Jones possesses a soft, smooth lower range, that despite lacking in audibility, is nicely supported with a raspy lining on the lower extension [The Nearness of You]. Although not usually accessed by Norah, this extension is well-developed and stable enough to be used consistently without issue [Come Away With Me].

The mid-range is weightless, feminine and consists of a distinctive lyrical edge. Perfectly connected to the low register and upper middle, it allows for smooth transitions within the voice [Seven Years]. Affectionately known as the centrepiece of her voice, Norah’s mid-range is versatile and variable: from playing with folk-tuned harmonies and octave unisons [Shoot the Moon]; to a more jazz-fused instrument that has a womanly colour [Cold Cold Heart]; to a more contemporary-oriented sound that’s delicate yet pertains a solid, cutting colour [Feelin’ The Same Way], the voice is one that's real strength come from its bearers musical understanding. As it ascends into the upper-middle, the voice lightens slightly, but keeps the hazy quality it is known for [Lonestar].

Norah’s mixed (belting) register is naturally airy, but she can keep a clean sound up to D5 if needed. When Norah opts for a  huskier sound, the voice retains its rasp up to E5, usually being maintained with her great sense of dynamics [Painter Song]. When opting for a cleaner sound, the voice is resonant, fulsome and supported, displaying an above-average vocal technique [Don’t Know Why].

The falsetto Norah opts for is soft and breathy- mirroring her middle voice. This part of her voice is known to be able to be switched to effortlessly at  quick speed [One Flight Down]. However, Norah can opt for a head voice that is elastic, bright and cutting [GGW]. This register has developed very well and is stable and healthily executed by Norah.

Overall, despite being known for the middle of her voice, Norah is an adept vocalist that has a masterful sense of dynamics, emotiveness and register transitions. This is all bolstered by her brilliant enunciation and full and smooth vibrato [Turn Me On]. A talented Diva, she is in command of a disciplined instrument that is applied smartly with great musicality and understanding.

Vocal Negatives: Some may describe her vocal styling as unimpressive and vanilla, due to her favouring of  the middle voice.
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