Monday 19 October 2015

[Vocal Profile] SoHyang


Vocal Type: Full-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: E3 - Db6 - A6 (3 octaves and a diminished fifth)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses:SoHyang has a homogeneous, rounded and bright instrument of remarkable beauty and meticulous control.  A versatile  vocalist,  her instrument is supported and consistent in nearly every extension of the range. Whether in the piano or the fortissimo dynamic, the voice is always expertly balanced and controlled.

Ascending from the feathery, feminine and quiet lower range is a creamy, mature(r) middle voice that is expertly controlled, lyrical and with gospel-fused edge [Upon This Rock]. Whilst naturally light, SoHyang’s mid-range brightens and gains weight as it ascends into the upper-middle.

SoHyang’s biggest strength is her extensive belting range, which is maintained by a supported, evenly balanced, resonant, and elastic mix. A mix that allows for impressive feats of vocal endurance; such as sustaining upper belts with a natural vibrato- a rarity amongst lyric sopranos [Bridge Over Troubled Water]. It is also versatile, with the natural brightness being able to be switched out for a heavier, blunter tone if needed [It’s Only My World]. As the belt passes the E5 mark, it takes on an increasingly metallic timbre and nasal sound, losing some of the voice's intrinsic character as it does so. However, it's because of this shift in placement that the voice can hit a B5 without apparent stress or strain [Lean On Me].

The head voice is vibrant, bright and piercing, with a vocal "ring" that allows for projection over instrumentation. Due to the connection with the chest register, she’s able to effortlessly transition from upper-middle to the high extension with no drop in vocal quality [Dream]. With her incredible sense of dynamics, the Diva is also able to utalise a softer tonality. This comes at little expense to the overall resonance of the sound [In The Flower Garden].

One of the Diva's most famous vocal traits is her stunning breath control. A control that is used to render long vocal lines with ease. Whether singing an extended period of dynamically variable melisma [Fate]; lengthy vocal lines [Lean on Me]; or holding notes for impressive periods [Oh Holy Night], SoHyang's technique allows for the formation of a solid column of sound that imparts a consistency and stability to the voice. This, along with her clear intonation and strong vocal placement, makes her technical, as well as emotive vocalist.

Overall, SoHyang is a versatile, consistent, talented and intricate vocalist who has honed and mastered her talented instrument extremely well.

Vocal Negatives: SoHyang's lower range stops projecting at G#3 and is significantly less audible than the rest of her voice.
Thanks to BacktoBlack for the Profile!

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