Thursday 19 November 2015

Adele Reveals Increase In Vocal Range and How Throat Surgery and Pregnancy impacted Her Voice

This sure has been an Adele heavy week. Only three posts and all about the returning Diva. Well, today is no different (obviously), but it's not about the new album or new music. It's about her instrument and how it has changed in the last few years.

Spilling her own tea to Graham Norton for her BBC special, Adele's first revelation was how being up the duff changed her voice- something I wish more Divas would comment on- saying, "In pregnancy my voice got a lot lower, which is why Skyfall is so low, I couldn't get up that high". A timely explanation for me, since only this week I noticed how much stress was present on that top note, despite it only being in the fourth octave (Bb4).Oddly, pregnancy seemed to have the opposite effect on Mariah carey, whose voice soared during the incubating of her twins.

Something more universally concerning was how surgery on her throat in 2011 would change her voice. Thus far we've only been able to speculate, listening to new material and watching live showings and inferring if it had resulted in a positive or negative impact- her latest Eb5 suggested the former to be more likely. Candid as ever, Adele confirmed this, revealing it left the voice "clean" and able to "sing a lot higher than I used to, and I can sing a lot lower". Whether this increase went hand-in-hand with vocal training wasn't revealed, but I'd imagine so.

Fascinating stuff! Divas of the world take note: we don't just to hear your voices, we want to hear about them, too!



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