Monday 23 November 2015

Ariana Grande Did NOT Slay with "Focus" Performance @ 2015 AMAs

Like everyone else in the world, I having been getting into Adele's 25 this weekend. Why am I mentioning that in an Ariana Grande post? Well, because I hadn't realised the unconscious effect that had had on me until I was subjected to this AMA performance of Focus.( And I should add, I'm enjoying 25, but not loving it like most, so this is not an Adele bandwagon type thing.)

Honestly, I can not believe I didn't realise, prior to this, how messy Ariana's vocal lines were/are. If going up and down the scales wasn't distracting enough for anyone trying to get to the lyrics, her enunciation (which, be fair to me, I haven't commented on for a while) was almost laughable. On the plus side, her stage presence was better, but I CAN NOT with people on YouTube saying this performance "killed" (yes KILLED) other people's careers.

I need a Xanax. Watching this has given me some weird kind of anxiety.


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