Thursday 14 January 2016

Adele Careers Into Nicki Minaj's Lane With Carpool Karaoke Session

adele james corden carpool

James Corden's series of celebrity carpools for The Late Late Show has already managed to create some iconic moments in its relatively short existence.

Who could forget Mariah Carey's stiff as an arthritic Tin Man wine? Or Jennifer Hudson releasing the beast and somehow not blowing out the car windows as she belted And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going. But today's ride around London town, featuring Adele, might have just surpassed them all in terms of entertainment value.

Yep, the vocals from Adele were breathtaking- honestly, her voice has improved SOOO much since the surgery. However, it was wasn't those parts that kept me watching. It was her easy breezy personality, and (unusual for a celeb) honesty that drew me in and kept me around until the true highlight of the video: The diva spitting bars from Nicki Minaj's feature on Monster - swears and all.

Now all I need is a "Conservative Adele fans react to Late Show carpool" video and my life would be complete!


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