Wednesday 23 March 2016

[Discuss] Which Song Gives You Pain In The Throat Just Thinking About?

We all a love sing song on DivaDevotee- whether we're any good at it is of course up for debate!

Still, even if we aren't vocalists of any merit, that doesn't make much difference to how difficult or easy we perceive a piece to be. Sure, range is going to be an issue for most of us- particularly those of us of the male persuasion- when covering a Minnie Ripperton song. But excluding rangy vocals, what song has melisma too complex to copy, belts too intense to bear, or dynamics too difficult to deliver?

I'll start! For me Patti LaBelle's rendition of Over The Rainbow is a killer. From high-octave belting that refuses to let up, to vocal slides that only someone with a mastery of their passaggio should ever attempt, this song is guaranteed to shred a novice's chords. Scratch that, even seasoned professionals struggle with it.

Next up: Beyonce's Love on Top. The constant key changes are manageable for me right until the last one. After that, the consistent, speedy high attack of upper belts starts to affect my already weakened voice. I'm still not entirely sure the Diva has attempted this 100% live.

My last choice is a karaoke favourite. Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart always gets me so swept up in the maelstrom of its drama, that any semblance of technique goes out the window. As such, I always pull up my voice- oppose to mixing- to mimic the Diva's gritty sound. A foolish decision, since the song has one hell of a climax. On the plus side, the next day my damaged speaking voice sounds so good I could make money from it...... *wink wink*

What about Y'all? What song(s) is guaranteed to give your voice a good kicking?

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