Wednesday 9 March 2016

[Masterclass] Learn How To Sing the Christina Aguilera Way! "Technique is only a quarter of it", apparently...

You've always wanted to sing like Christina Aguilera, do not even lie about it! Well, now you have the chance to be taught how by none other than the Diva herself! The Lord is good.

Yes, Ms. Aguilera is finally capitalising on her unique skills as a vocalist by offering lessons online. Want a taster of what to expect? Well, watch as the Diva vaguely explains to us plebs what a vocal slide is. You don't just get dry-ass theory on this revolutionary course, though. Xtina also demonstrates the technique for us, first hand! ( Headphone listeners be warned!)

Watch the full trailer for the Masterclass, below! Pre-enrolment starts now (for the very reasonable price of $90) and classes go live in Spring. Interestingly, there's also an option to buy it as a gift for someone else. Now which shady so-and-so is going to be the first to enrol Mariah.

In all seriousness, Christina Aguilrea may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I would watch the hell out of her Masterclass. The intro alone explained a lot about why her technique is the way it is- no shade intended. Who knows what other goodies will be revealed in the 3.5 hours of footage.  


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