Thursday 31 March 2016

[What!!!?] Florence and the Machine Record "Stand by Me" For Final Fantasy XV!!!

florence welch final fantasy

Say what?! Florence Welch recording the main theme to a Final Fantasy game?! When two (of my favourite) worlds collide!

Final Fantasy XV decided to go with a cover song from their main theme, and turned to the incredible Florence And The Machine to record it. Thinking about, it's not that strange a collaboration considering, like the music of the game series, there's a heavy influence of classical and drama music in Florence's music.

How much she knew of the series pre-this is up for debate. But speaking of the process- in the video below- it's clear she left the whole experience with a greater appreciation for music in gaming. Something I wish more people had, since there's some seriously gorgeous compositions in the medium. (Feel free to link your favourite gaming music in the comments.)

Take a listen to how she tackled Stand by Me, below. To me, apart from the pizzicato harp, it doesn't really have that FF feel. But I'm not going to lose my mind about it, as its release is probably more so for promotional reasons than anything else.

A good choice by Squaresoft?

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