Monday 23 May 2016

[Watch] Rihanna Shocks With Versatile Vocals @ 2016 Billboard Awards

rihanna billboard 2016

Even though Needed Me is the single currently climbing the Hot 100, Rihanna, in her infinite wisdom, decided to forgo giving it that further push by singing it at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Instead, it was the classic-sounding Love on The Brain that got the gig.

Often said to rely too heavily on gimmicks, controversy and infectious hooks to nab our attention, the Diva played it brave yesterday, serving only vocals. And a smart move it was, too, with the audience's surprise at points being almost palpable. Displaying growls, head notes, belts and an impressive low note at 1.14, the Diva, though not pitch perfect, was serving raw, confident vocals.

A real testament to how far this woman has come.


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