Friday 6 May 2016

[GASP!] Ariana Grande Copies Mariah Carey AGAIN! Uses Line "Touch My Body" In New Song "Into You"!!!!

The visuals for Dangerous Woman haven't even dropped and here we have another single from Ariana Grande. These ladies need to start taking notes from Beyonce and structuring their campaigns right. #Mess!

Anywho, Into You is another grown up release from the Diva- though it definitely leans more to the electro-pop spectrum than Dangerous Woman. Probably a better fit for fans of her older stuff, but once again, it doesn't have the immediacy of previous material. That's not a bad thing, as there are treats hidden within- see the bridge and headnote flourishes that follow it. People just need to give it time to sit before they usher it towards the exit.

Does Into You hype me up for Ariana's third album? Not really. But it doesn't induce worry for it, either. So that's good.

*(As for the post title. I was ripping on a ridiculous comment I read elsewhere.)*


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