Friday 17 June 2016

Melissa Etheridge Releases "Pulse" As Her Tribute to The Victims of the Orlando Shooting

Melissa Etheridge has also- in addition to Christina Aguilera- found expression in her art, recording a tribute to those who have/are still suffering in the wake of the Orlando shooting. Entitled Pulse, the Diva cleverly uses the name of the nightclub in which the tragedy occurred to bring us all together as one- stating "everybody has a pulse".

Speaking to The Advocate, the Singer-songwriter explained why she didn't go the route Aguilera decided to, with a broad message:

I get so moved by so many things, not just the sadness of tragedy. I also get moved by how we react. Unfortunately, it takes a hideous event like this, but sometimes it brings people together and moves others who might have been like, ‘That gay thing is not anything I’m concerned about.’ It moves them and they think, I have to stand on the side of love and peace.

To me, this is the more affecting of the two songs, with personal and thoughtful lyrics that make a listener think. The line "Who you gonna hate now, when there's no one left but you?" is particularly astute considering the gunman was (reportedly) a self-hating, closet case.

But kudos to both women for sending out a little light in the shadow of this awful event.


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