Monday 5 September 2016

[Q&A] Why ery'one be hating on JLO all the time?

I would like to know why people pick on Jlo so much? I mean she clearly is no Whitney, but i really think she is consistent with what she puts out there vocally and she really does well within her limits, specially in the later years so i don’t get it.

If I wanted to be flippant I could have ended the post with this retort:

but it is a legit question, since Jennifer Lopez does get flack for her brand of entertainment.

Part of the problem comes from the Diva's origin story.

Jennifer's first big break came as a dancer [In Living Color]. From there she branched out into acting [Selena]. THEN came the singing. With a progression like that, she was going to have an uphill battle trying to "prove" herself to the snooty music purists. After all, this isn't supposed to be a business just anybody can come into and slay.

Unfortunately for Jenny, her voice was never the strongest. So in an industry where that supposedly matters (we know it doesn't), her winning over the critics was always going to be nigh on impossible. And its partly because of this that she still gets sh*t when anyone dares put "singer" anywhere near her name.

But you can't really talk JLo dislike without talking Mariah Carey.

When someone in camp Sony nabbed a sample Mimi had originally lined up for Loverboy, it put many a nose out of joint- not to mention Mariah's. Whether JLo knew about the move or not is unimportant. What is important: she got on the wrong side of one of the industry's biggest (and shadiest) stars.

Just clock the passive aggression of Mimi working the Firecracker sample into the Loverboy remix with the lines "Hate on me, as much as you want to. You can't do what I do, B***hes be emulating me daily (daily)". Yikes!

And then there was this iconic moment:

Not only is the phrase "I don't know her" now a standard for being arsey about someone's relevance, but it is synonymous with Lopez.

But you know what, Jennifer is doing just fine. She was a judge on the last ever season of American Idol. Ironically, it was the season that followed Mariah's disastrous one AND she got paid more for it. And now in Vegas, she's still breaking records, besting Britney Spears' box-office takings, making over a milli in one night.

People may criticise her voice, but that's only because that's her weak spot. And since it's not even that big of a weakness, you can chalk up the hate to jealousy. So ignore the haters and support your fav, loud and proud. They can go kiss her glorious kaboose

Why do you think people hate on Jenny from the Block? Let me know in the comments.

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